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7 of 9, Founder


A Nony Mous

Abba Cadabra

Abby Normal

Acanthus Erklar-Sau-Bar

Adora Penthouse-View
AKAs: Adora Bull

Adrenaline, Marechale Tenanciere

Aedan Saint

Agatha Frisky
AKAs: Mother Superior

Agnes, of the Ginger Minge

Agnes De Garron, Founding Member
AKAs: Banana Nut Bread
Knit Wit

International Dish Email, 05/31/2007, New York City, NY

Sister Agnes writes:

Sister Hysterectoria here.

I designed the first San Francisco nun habits. They were based on the head pieces of Medieval Flemish virgins and were made by the City of San Francisco's Costume Bank Dept (it no longer exists.) The city asked $10 each for the 17 habits made. This was Sept or Oct of 1979. The pool of people to join and create the order were all radical faeries (not counting one Ken Bunch). The faeries had had their first ever gathering in Arizona Labor Day weekend, 1979.

The Habit headpieces were nicknamed :"Ear-Brassieres" by the original order

Sister Hysterectoria aka Agnes de Garron
Founder of San Francisco SPI Order

Email response, 06/01/2007,

Sister Kitty Catalyst adds:

So to spell out for those catching up on SPI herstory

... the habits Sister Hysterectoria refers are the original habits that WE made for ourselves as opposed to the original handful that were permanently borrowed from a traditional convent in Cedar Rapids, Iowa under the pretenses of doing the musical "Sound Of Music."

For those keeping score, Sister Fink was one of those dead nuns whose habits we inherited, not a Sister who was also a fink.

International Dish Email, 10/21/2007, New York City, NY

Sister Agnes writes:

Original SF Order Founder Speaks OUT to the Press

Sister Hysterectoria here to talk about the San Francisco Order the World is dishing. I am an original founder of the San Francisco order and a radical faerie too, sometimes known as Agnes de Garron. I am also an ex-Catholic who has been known to receive holy communion at Mass.

The order was not founded on the idea of degrading nuns of the Roman Catholic church. We founders and the original order of 17 wanted to Be nuns, but we couldn't because: we were gay, we were male, we wanted sex lives out of the closet. So we invented our own nun order and a nun convent too. We thought our order for gay men would allow us all the fun of not obeying the almighty POPE and all the fun of dancing, praying and loving that a happy nun could possibly be. And be charitable and prolitical too. That included wearing petticoats and make up, but only if we wanted to. No enforcement.

If the Vatican sees the order of gay & lesbians SPI nuns now all over the world as a threat, than so be it. They still have all the money, the property, the art works, the power, etc.. And they have the right to criticize the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence too. How could our tiny orders all over the world be a threat to their giant religious empire is beyond me.

If you want to love the Church, hate the gay nuns and be gay and be a faerie too, that is your own business, even if it is a bit confusing to myself and others.

Love, Sister Hysterectoria ( Present Member of NYC order of bad girl nuns)

International Dish Email, 05/19/2008, New York City, NY

Agnes writes about the history of one of her names: Sister Banana Nut Bread.
I am a Chinese Monkey Sign and I always baked Banana Nut Bread for all the Sister Meetings and Potlucks at the SF Convent.

Agnes Deiafta Tamara
AKAs: Rhoda Bologna Pony

Agnetha Rabiata, im Seidengewande der Ewigen Wollust, Abbess

Aida Boufeit, Best Bear Nun

Aileeka Boote

Aleksa Flammable, Founder


Alice B Toklas, Brother, Founder

Allie Lewya, Founder

Alma Bitches

Alma Children


Also Wears White

Alyssa Fetishes

Amanda deFlower, Founder

Amanda Hugginkiss, Founder
AKAs: Helga Von Sphincter Mussel

Amanda Reckinwith, The Scarlet Harlot, Founder
AKAs: Amanda Reckinwith of the Sparkling Scarlet Rouge

Amandus Erectus Aggripalotus

Ambrosia, Founder


AKAs: Guard Spartacus Nova Genesis

Amora Dat

Amore Flagellare


Amy Grants Your Wishes

AnaHeata TheMoment, Founder

Anal Receptive
AKAs: Cardinal Sin of the Carnal Craving
Saint Dude

Anastasius, Founder

Anathema, Postulant

Aneda Hottie

Angel a queue

Angel Popstitute, Madonna of the Male Gang Bang
AKAs: Angel de l’ABBA-tajh Maale
Angel Madone de l'ABBA Tajh Maale

Angelica Heinie, Postulant

Angelica Holy God!
AKAs: Motor City Rebel Vixen

Angelina, of the Dark Light

Angels Hamburg

Anita _______

Anita B'job

Anita B Free

Anita Dick

Anita Lynching, Queen of Spades, Founder
AKAs: C. Alice Woody, Queen of Spades

Anita Manda Blough, Founder

Anita Nuther-Cocktail, Founder

Anita Verga

Anja Knees
AKAs: Guard Boy Kraven
Nadia Nice
Tantra Q Phoria
Gaia Insight
Aria Inyet

Ann Animate

Ann de Kehn
AKAs: Sainte Baronne du Houblon, Grande Prêtresse des Comptoirs

Ann Drajynni QueerPunk

Ann R Key
AKAs: Deacon Dyke

Ann R Kissed

Ann Wenita Morelove

Anna Ballin'

Anna Lee Gyfted
AKAs: Postulant Chiquitita Verde
Postulant Rhea Peter
Margarita Del Sol

Anna Lingus

Anna Toherthing

Anna Ven Detta

Anna Wanda Mei
AKAs: Postulant Anna Biotic Our Lady of the Healing Hands
Wanda Pissanya
Mei Ling Address

Anna Waywego

AnNa Wrecks-Ya, Founder
AKAs: Anna Rexia

AnnaMae B Ezee

Anne a Themes, Founder, Garde-Cuisse

Anne Drogynous

Anne Thrax

Anni Coque l'Doo
AKAs: Anita Name
Rodeo Queen

Annie Glypta of the Changing Wombs

Anorak, of the Cheap Day Return

Antonia Barvaria

Antonius of the Slightly Parted Thighs

Aphrodite Androgynia Apassionata Benedikta, Die Einzigartige Angel Thalia Euphoria Absurdum auf ewigen Abwegen

Apollonia Fellatia

Apostasia Miss Entropy, Dite la Mauvaise Langue Fretillante
AKAs: Aspirant Sarah

Appassionata della Bawdy House, Founder

Aquanetta Tease, Founder

Aramis, Postulant

Aria Topurbottom

Armagaydon, Garde-Cuisse
AKAs: Sister Kekette

Arrakis, Garde-Cuisse

Art N. Heaven, Brother
AKAs: Yvonne Gelist

Artaire Uranus

Ash Pounder
AKAs: Sister Victoria N Cheesus

Ashley Wednesday

Asian Lycan Cookies
Arufa OhOh Kami

Astrid Felching Fortitude, Virtue of Fortitude

Athena Putty Tat

Athletica de la Bain

Atilla de Nun, Founder

Atopa Maytag, Founder
AKAs: Atopa Maytag L’Andromatte of the Dirty Habits
Atopa Sleepurr-Sofa Our Lady of Broyhill
Atopa Sleepurr-Sofa The Broyhill Harlot

Atrociata von Tasteless

Atta Van Haldol

Au Jus

Audrey Faith Wilhelmine, Postulant

Aura des Gouts et des Couleurs

Aura Lee Gifted

Aura Scortea Beneficia

Aurora Bootie Alice



B'neatha Sheets, Founder
AKAs: Father Peter Licka de Cocque

B'Ouncee', Founder

B'Yonda Clouds

Babble On and On, Guard

Babra Lucia

Babs N Boyland
AKAs: Magna Cum Loudly
Tampon Sinclair

Poem, __/__/1995, San Francisco, CA

A Tale of Two Shitties
by Tampon Sinclair

There once were two sisters,
Mouths dripping with foam,
Named Flatulina Grande
and There’s No Place Like Rome.

They were evil incarnate,
Those trailer trash nuns,
With just one glance
They could give you the runs.

Their crimes were unspeakable,
Their deeds were heinus,
These two were so evil
They spoke through their anus.

Flatulina’s favorite alias
was “Grunt Lips Marie”
and Roma really liked
to be called “Stinky Lee”.

The one known for her farts
Longed for slut status
But few could withstand
Such a powerful flatus.

Roma, on the other hand,
Hooked all over the place,
Which explains why she always
Had slarge on her face.

In fact, her secret for what makes
Those supple lips shine
Is her most favorite lip gloss, Non-oxynol 9.

The thing they both lived for,
That they thought was most grand,
Was to terrorize their slave,
The stunning Babs N. Boyland.

They ridiculed and teased her
And played with her head,
They made her go solo
To see “Jungle Red”.

Instead of having
Two evil step-sisters,
Babs was like Cinderella
With two herpes blisters.

All alone one night
Babs heard something weird,
And right from thin air
Someone appeared.

Right in front of her
Floating in mid-air,
The vision said,
"I’m your Diva Godmother, Tampon Sinclair."

"I have come to save you
from the vulgar two,
which you could have done
if you weren’t sniffing glue.

"While they are sleeping,
Before those lumps stir,
My spell will trap them
In a urine soaked dumpster.

"Then, you can do to them
Whatever you will,
But the spell will be broken
With just one bitter pill."

The very next morning
Babs was filled with glee,
Seeing those snakes
Trapped in the USD.

The stench of her prisoners
Made the delicate Babs hack
Which was caused, she discovered,
By excess butt plaque.

She began her retaliation
With no plans of rushing,
By quelling that stench
With a thorough butt brushing.

As they struggled to hold
Their third high colonic,
Babs lounged on her chaise
With a tall vodka tonic.

Then something went wrong
With that last turpentine douche,
Faint rumblings creshendoed
Into a deafening "WHOOSH!"

Knowing turpentine would thoroughly
Clean out their poop chutes,
Babs, thinking ahead,
donned SCUBA gear and hip boots.

Babs cleaned up in a flash
Knowing how sister shit stains,
And pondered why Grunt Lips and Stinky’s
Enemas would leave no remains.

The two Babs missed
Like a festering zit
Disappeared because
they’re 100% full of shit.

To be DIVAstating
You can’t rely on high gloss
But when brushing your butt teeth
Remember to floss.

Baby Sister, Founder

Babylon Anon
AKAs: Hidia
Gilda Lily
Gloria Holy

Bambi Dextrous

Bambi Sapphire

Bamm Bamm

Bang Bang La Desh

Bar-Bitch-Ka Colgate Mercedes, Founder

Barbarella Ars Erotica

Barberella Psychedelica

Barbi Mitzvah, Founder

Barbie Q

Barbra Ganesh
AKAs: Rachel T. Harmony

Nunway's Founding Story, 10/30/2014, San Francisco, CA

Membership email from Sr. Barbra

In 2009, Sister MJ + I collaborated to design the Sisters residency at YBCA for SPI 30th anniversary exhibition which included an exhibition and a number of public programs. Among those public programs emerged Project Nunway inspired by Federico Fellini's "Roma" As it was still a seedling in my mind, i took a DVD copy of Roma to Srs. MJ + Tuna's pad in Oakland. We 3 watched it and got excited about re-staging the dreamy Roman Catholic runway show. I recall Mary feeling strongly about Nunway being accessible and affordable to all Sisters (and not just those who have money) and thus the recycled aspect came into being and she especially advocated for "exhibition not competition." We talked about several titles and eventually landed on Project Nunway though I've NEVER liked it's association with the reality show given my arty want for the event to be associated with Fellini. Before making it official, I pitched the idea to the YBCA/Sisters residency organizing committee that likely included Srs. Hellen, Zsa, Mary Tim, Maud, Farrah, Mary Ralph (who else?) to talk about the idea further.

Sr. Zsa Zsa, I recall, was very enthusiastic about the event and brought in his designer friends Mrs. Vera and Jack Davis. Sister Zsa's contribution to the first Nunway also included wearing a Mrs. Vera boba straw outfit on the Nunway.

More important than the founding, I believe, is the work of cultivating of an event from idea to manifestation, year after year with diminishing volunteer support from my Sisters. Nunway might have been a good idea but building five fashion fundraisers from the ground up annually was the real work. Setting up and building new inroads to communities of new designers and volunteers year after year is the work. The work is also developing a brand identity that champions sustainability and building communities through art. Nunway continues to inspire and benefit other US Sister houses to replicate Nunway to better serve their communities. It isn't solely the fun of picking the theme or who's gonna dj. It isn't about magazines covers. It's about art + recycled fashion + building joyful communities.




BB+, Guard

Bea Attitude

Bea Fore Warn'd

Bea Fore Warned

Bear Hairesy, of the Gutter White Euro Trash

Bear Ly Respectable, Cleaner of the Kitchen, Duchess of Douches
AKAs: Barbara Gingembre-De Beau Chery

Bearie de Lishus, of the Flaming Creme Brulee

Bearilyn Monroe DiMaggio

Bearlesque 'Ho

Bearonce Knows

Beata Ovaria, Founder

Beatrix Uppersleeve
AKAs: Saint Gotchyer Back
Amanda Relyon

BeBe Gunn, Founder

Bebe Jeebus

Bella de Ball
AKAs: Bella Aza Bug

AKAs: Desidia

Belleza Tu-lips@analia, Founder

Ben Me Over

Bend A Dick, Founder


Berna Bush, Founder

Bertha B!tch
AKAs: Honey Child-De La Maize

Bertha Christ

Bertha De Zoot, Father

Bertha Sinn, Founder

Berthe Charmeuse, des Jesus de Morteau dite la punaise des Parc

Bessie Mae Moo-cho, Postulant

Bessie Willduit, Postulant

Betti Crotcher
AKAs: Postulant Gretta Grab-O

Bettie Cocker, Postulant

Betty Does, Last Nun of the Millennium

Betty Tastewell, the Self Rising

Beverly Ho'billy

Bhoddhi Sluttva

Bi-Polar Dysfunction

Bianca Tempt

Bimbo del Doppio Senso, Brother

Dish Email, 01/04/2008, Edinburgh, Scotland

Brother Bimbo writes:

Many years ago, before I was even a novice, I was helping the Sisters collect money for Pride. Obviously everything was sepia in those days.

We were in CC's, and then, as now, some young man decided it would be really, really funny to try and grab Sister Bobby's veil. Unfortunately for him, he made his attempt in front of a leather dyke, visiting from San Francisco.

She grabbed the young man, held him up against the wall and, pausing between each word for dramatic effect, barked out "Don't. You. EVER. Try. That. With. One. Of. The. Sisters. AGAIN."

The young man was not seen by us again.

Dish Email, 06/19/2009, Edinburgh, Scotland

Brother Bimbo writes:

Ten years ago, on this date, a young trainee monk came down from the local brewery with a cask of pink beer. It turned out to be the first steps in a long and fruitful, if not always happy, journey.

In that time, I've learned of the diversity of the Sisters' work first hand on three continents. I've been to bingo, strip auctions, and fetish awards, and been fed and watered whilst watching drag shows. I've visited numerous memorials to those lost to AIDS, and one to LGBT people murdered in the Holocaust. I've discovered that we really need to get Sister Erotica and I in the same room doing the Mystery Science 3000 thing with gay porn, and that my German really sucks, but contains some interesting vocabulary.

Nearer home, I've discovered that the Edinburgh Fringe (usually pretty hellish for the locals) can be made bearable by getting into habit and separating tourists from their cash for our local AIDS charity.

I've been co-administrating this mailing list for years, ever since I accidentally asked Sister Hedra a question which made it clear that I was familiar with the software used to run it. Doing that has really made me aware of our family, its strength and its squabbles.

And I'm still learning, and discovering things I would like to learn. The journey continues, on a circuitous route, with no particular destination in mind except for univeral, guilt-free joy.

In a little over a week, having made the date a moveable feast, a cantankerous old nun will celebrate Pride and then have a bijou pissupette to mark 10 years of doing this stuff. There will be a cask of pink beer.

Thank you, my Sisters, -Bim

Bimea Ferrari

Binge A Moore, Founder

Bitch Puddin

Blanche Davidian

Blanche De Roote



Blister Angelister


Bo D. Fatwa, Founder

Boa Tox


Bobby de Sade, Founder

Bodice Rippa

Bogomillia of the Vulvae Quinti

Boner Doner

Bonnie Sattva

Boom Boom, of the Bloody Stains of the Robes of Christ

email from Sister Vish, San Francisco, CA

Boom joined SPI when she saw an ad we placed in an arts magazine in 1981.So it was a virgin birth, or more apropo, she was fashioned out of clay and we breathed life into her.


BoomBoom Saintity

Bootsy Knockin'


Braud Vey Starr
AKAs: Brud Veystar

Brian O'Knoitall, Founder

Broomhilde von Bratwurst, Founder

Brother Gabby DeAnkles, Postulant

Brother Ira Quirelube!, Postulant


Bubba Licous, Guard

Bubbles Jewcee Fruit, The Spermaholic Winternun
AKAs: Bubbles du Pop
Bubbles Pop Delicious
Bubbles Pops Alot
Bubbles Bloya

AKAs: Chastity Belt

Buddy Papi


Buffy Faerietta Pectorella Mega Nun-o-rama, the Rubber Maid
AKAs: Buffy Manietta Fazietta Faerietta Pectorella Mega Nun-o-rama

Bullinda Chinashop
AKAs: Postulant Chasen Cox

Bunnee FuFoo
AKAs: Fondalyn Grope

Burna Bush

Busta Knutt, Boston SPI Founder

Buster Hymen, Guard

Butch Wacker, Father


C Alice Hardagain


Caddie Lac DeVil
AKAs: Brother Pious Heathen

Cailin la Dochas

Cal I Pornication


Camela Toe, Postulant

Camera Obscura

Camille Leon
AKAs: 09/1993: Father Pan DeMonium
06/1990: Saint O'Masochism


Candy Cide, of the Immaculate Misconception, the Rogue Nun, Founder

Candy da Lore

Cara Hughes

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation

Caressa Love

Carey Hardcock, Founder

Carmelita Cheesecake

Carmen Get It

Carmensida Von Golgotha, Founder

Carmina Pirhana

Carrie Wood of the Grand Staff

Cassandra Octavia



Castaspella New

Castrata Stigmata Banana Fana Fo Fata

Cat A'Lick

Cathi Terr

Causa de Change

Cecilia Fate

Cel-ahhh Butt, Founder

Celeste de l'Impertinente Resurrection, Founder

Celeste L Powers, Postulant

Celestial Gates

AKAs: Magenta

ChaCha Heals, Founder

Channel 2001

Quote, Winter 2006/2007, RFD #128 (Radical Faerie Digest)

Sister Soami writes
but as Sr. Chanel often says "More is Better."

Charity, Postulant

Charity Case

Charmyn Ultra

Chastity Boner, Founder,, First President

Chastity Feel-Good
AKAs: Chasity Chase Oh-no!

Chava Schott


Cherry Poppins

Cheyenne Demure

Chickie Chickie Bing Bang

Chiqui Eta Banane

Chiquita X-Psychadelia, of the Holy Fruit
AKAs: Chiquita Phychedelia De Sashimi To Go
Hellfire N. Dalmatians


Christ All Dark

Christina Manger


Chyna Boofay

Cinfull Lil Angel

Claire Annette Blowood, Founder
AKAs: Guard Phil Thee Bandit

Claire Caracasa, Postulant (Zum Engel)

Claire Voyante
AKAs: Saint Missy Link

Clara Cum Passionata, Reverend Mother General

Clarissa Oktavia Princeps Femina Noctis

Clemmidia Burns, of the Eternal Ring of Fire
AKAs: Tess Teeze of the Ostentascious Order of Orchids

Cleo Snatchra

Clitorah Cockeldoo

Clotilde 3615 Gardienne des Bains Saunas

Coco Demure

Coco Nutz


Connie Pinko

Constance Craving, of the Holey Desire

Constance Inner, Founder

Constellation, Founder

Consuela Canswallow, Boston SPI Founder


Coppa Lotta Attitude

Coppah Feel

Corporal Punishment

Cosma Virtuosa Majestas Domini

Courtney Sun

Craven Moorehead
AKAs: Guard Craven Moorehead

Crisco Bearer, of the Holy Fist

Cruella deGuerneville

Crystal Diamond Decanter

Cum Dancing, Mother

Cumina Condom

Cuminja Wrasse, Virgin of the non stick orgasm, STI free and suitable for all knob types

Cunegonde Hospitaliere Clystere du Saint Martyr


Cybele des Obedience
AKAs: Schwester Mercedes Benzedictus
Cybil Disobedience

Cybercox, point Cum

Cyhere de la Meme Opposee


Daisy Chainsaw

Dali DoMystique, Pussy Gott'ightley, Daughter of Erotica, Clutcher of the Sacred Pearls, Keeper of the Clear Challis

Damphyr Nocturnus
AKAs: Fawn Dell Maibalz


Dana Van Iquity
AKAs: Citroen Ma Face

Daphne Maria Sanguina Mensis, Founder, Mutter

David d'lingua epica, Founder

Dawna Matrix, of the kinky flagellation, The bleeding eyes of Jesus

Dawnna Creation

Daya Reckoning
AKAs: Post: Holly Loo Ya Mary Do Ya Juana
Novi: Ivana Virilad
Sin D. Light
Cardinal Carnal Cravings


De'Voida Klasss

Dean De La Rues

Dearest Caught, in the Headlights, Boston SPI Founder

Dearie Me

Debbie Tawnt, Founder

Deborah Entendre

Deca Letage

Dee Bauchery

Dee Enforcer

Dee Flowered

Deep Throat de Lux

Deez Nutz

Della Catessa

Delta Goodhand

DeManda Refund
AKAs: Brother Art Thou

Demonique Frottage

Den of Joy, Guard

Denia Pleasure


Desi Groane

Desi Virginia

Devilynn Disguise

Devina Schnitzel

Devlyn Redd

Devonn, Postulant

Dharma Gettin'

Diadora Blanda

Diamond Pixi-Dust
AKAs: Milady Diamond
Diamond Angel

Diana Lise

Diana Nirvana
AKAs: Anastasia Devine Dot Matrix

Diarrhee En Frank

Diesel Dogma, Father

Dietrich Anne DiMaggio


DiManda Tencion

Dimont de Dimores-Sangreal

Dinah Douche
AKAs: Postulant Aida Lotsenlotsacock

Dinah Might

Dionna Cross

Dire-reahh, of the Holy Immodium
AKAs: Dire Morphina of the Intro-Venus

Dirrtie San Chez, of the Shit Eating Grin, Scatomancer
AKAs: Postulant Hopelessly Romantic

Dita de la Grace

Diva la Revolution

Diversity Rains

Divine Intervention, Founder

Dix Enormous

Dixie Lix

Dixie Lynn De Light

Dixie Rupt
AKAs: Dixie Rupt-Formee

Dixie Wrecked, Our Lady of the Scared Cock
AKAs: Postulant Fifi
Sedusa Mann


Dolly Rama Llama

Dolorosa Raimunda Cruciphija, Madre, Fundadora
AKAs: Dolores Orlanda

Dom Calcul, Priest

Domadora Dee Fairyboys, Founder
AKAs: Adora Dee Fairyboys

Domimatrix de Hommes

Domina Shuga

Dominatus Virga, Guard, Founder

Dominatus Virga!, Guard

Domine' Trix


Dominina Hermaphroditey, Founder

Dominique Lovette de l' Amour

Donna Moniz

Donna Tellame, Founder

DonnaMae Trix

Dora, Postulant (Zum Engel)

Dorothea Sophia Bianca Rosa, In memoria del Golden Girls

Double penetration, Guard

Dr Strangelove, Founder

Druide Urvoy

Du Nord, Guard

Dymond Natrix, Founder


Eartha Quake, Postulant

Ed Myron Devue, Guard

Eden Asp, of the Manly Mounds
AKAs: Hera Tique

Edie Cheeseburger

Edina T Krisis, Founder
AKAs: Servina Bunchatops

Edith Commandements

Edith Moorecock

Edith Myflesh, Bearer of the Holy Host


Edna Daze

Effilia Uppendown

Ehrma Gawrd

Eileen Eulick

Eira Dirona Midir

Ejaculata, of the Imminent spattering

Eleanor the Great

Electra Modification
AKAs: Postulant Rhoda Tanoware

Eliza Does Alot, Founder

Elvira Vulgata Cunnilingus Nonn' Grata

Embellisha Hella-Valotta


Emma Erascible

Emo Chanel, Founder

En Guard

Ena Magnificent, Founder

Enchantress De Noir

Engel Merlinus Vati-Kann, Postulant

Enya Face

Epiphany Marie Laveau, The Nun of No Opinion, Founder

Eric O'Bear

Erin No Bragh, Paladin

Erotica Psychotica, the Avante Guardian of the Nasty Habit
AKAs: Father Blows Best

Dish Email, 08/12/2007, Los Angeles, CA

Sister Erotica writes to the dish

Dear Sisters,

On Wednesday evening a few of us attended the premiere of a movie/documentary called 'Tweakers', a tool to help educate about the crystal-meth epidemic, which was produced by We had assisted with funding the making of the film.

Anyways, after the show an older gentleman stopped me and said he had us (The Sisters) to credit for saving his son's life. He mentioned that about a year ago (June '06), his son was approaching his 6 month sobriety point. But had decided to give up and wanted to use again and was heading to the San Vicente Inn (a clothing optional resort in West Hollywood, where the MOPI Sisters were staying during Conclave). He met a Sister at the door, and after conversing with her, she suggested he turn around and go home. Well, the father was proud to say that his son is still sober today and thanks the Sisters.

It was a very touching story and I was proud to be your Sister.
(Sisters Soami, Right Sarong, Pinky Lady-Slipper, Clara, Vulgara or Guard Shanti Fey).

Thank you.
Sister Erotica

Esteban Anna Maria Madonna von Justicia, Guard

Estebania Anna Maria Justicia

Estella Brate, the Heavenly

Ethica Slut, Founder

Eula Dormee, Founder

Eunice Bea Kidden

Eunice X, Boston SPI Founder

Euphoria Flavia di Spensatio ad Acta, Founder

Eureka Taint


Eva Bawdy Feelgood

Eva Destruction
AKAs: Monsignor Righteous Sin Dignation

Eva Extreema

Eva Maria Charlotte von Ahrensburg

Eve All, of the Forbidden Fruit, Founder

Eve Angelica, Founder

Eve Dune Nuit, Faiseuse d'ange, Founder

Eve Volution

Evelyn Carnate

Evelyn Tensions
AKAs: Postulant Esther Sundae

Evita Peron

Evita Zane, Guard, Founder
AKAs: Guard Noah Fence

Exposia, Founder


Faegala Tina Pfischzoot

Faerie Clara Voyant
AKAs: Submission to Perpetual Erection (?)

Fanny Zitchin

FarmaSue Tickle
AKAs: Post. Fonda Fellatio of the Flaming Habit

Farrah Moans

Father Butch

Father Ed

Fatima, Keeper of Secrets

Faun D'Amen, Daughter of Ecstasy, Founder

Origins of Veil of Shame, 07/07/2014, Dish email request from Sr. Isadora

Hello Isadora,

I can give you the Sistory of the Veil of Shame. It was created in Philadelphia in the 2007 LGBTQ Health Summit. I was a novice at the time and I attended the event for my job. I met a number of other Black Veils from around the country at the event including Constance Craving, Shameless, myself and a few others that I forget. We all agreed in advance to manifest during the event.

On Friday, March 16th, most of us Sisters participated in a workshop call “Outreach Outside the Box: Grrrrilla!”. One of the three presenters was Sister Constance Craving from San Francisco. It happened that the following Saturday night was March 17 (St Patrick’s Day). Philly has a large boy’s town and a bunch of bars. We wanted to bring some sort of awareness to the community about the LGBTQ summit. In that workshop we birthed the idea of the veil of shame.

We had one volunteer paired with each Sister that night. Each volunteer wore a white t-shirt and was given a sharpie marker. We proceeded to head out to the gayborhood and hit the bars. As a novice and coming from a new mission in a rural community, this was my first experience doing bar ministry. We invited patrons to give us any shame that they no longer wished to hold on to by writing it on the t-shirts and we would burn them at the end of the night to release that energy into the universe.

People were drawn to the veils and began writing….the obvious came out such as “faggot”, “slut”, and so forth. Then people started opening up and writing more. Some people experienced some intense emotional releases. This was a surprisingly intense night for me. This is the night that I got my calling to do Sister work. The experience touched my soul.

Later that night we took pictures of the shirts (I'm not sure who has them) and then we burned the shirts. Constance might know more details.

Sister Faun D'Amen
Eureka Sisters SPI
Abbey of the BIG Red Wood

Faux-Mo, Guard, Founder

Faye Laetio

Fee au Fond de son String

Felicia O, Boston SPI Founder

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Florence Nightmare

Gay Life Radio Series, 1982 - 1984, San Francisco, CA

In the search text box, enter Bobbi Campbell and click Find Again
In the recording from 1984-09-16. There is a Sister blessing that starts around 22:30.

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Dish Email, 10/06/2008, San Francisco, CA

Sister Lily writes: She helped to create the Queer Army

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Biography, 09/14/2008, Seattle, WA

The New Novice Sister Rubinya was recently discovered only by accident. After an unfortunate douching accident by Guard Rubb.

Rubb was in the shower one day taking care of the proper needs that any gay male should. When he stumbled in the shower and the shower shot was force a little too deep. Once he recovered from the stumble Rubb removed the shower shot only to have a strange and uncomfortable feeling in his gut. There was a strange movement in his stomach. Like something trying to crawl out. Rubb pushed and with a loud grown - out on the floor landed this little angel looking up at him. Rubb was puzzled realizing, 'Oh My-Butt Babies' do exist.

The newborn extended her arms to Rubb and Said 'I am Rubinya, I have been inside your booty guiding you and watching over you.' Rubb fainted.

Hours past, when Rubb awoke he looked around to discover Rubinya was gone.

A few weeks pass and Rubb never spoke of his experience. But that night Rubinya came to him waking him in his sleep. Rubinya during the time away grew into this fantastic goddess the color on her face glistened and shimmered with all of the colors of the rainbow.

She spoke to Rubb 'I have lived in you, Now you shall live in me'. She spins around and her beautiful rubberized veil wraps around Rubb, cocooning him into a large sausage like mummy. Rubinya stands above him, squats down a little only to start sucking him in through her ass. Rubb is now in her.

Karmin Dee Bacdora

Kat Astrophe

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Bio History, 06/05/2007, n/a

From 6/5/07 eMail to Sr Titania:

It was Sister Clara Voyant who I contacted about being a daughter house of the seattle Abbey. after I approached Sister Monsterio about being a member of the order I was told that seeing that as I was too far away to go through the novititate I was just to go right ahead and just do my own thing, which is exactly what I did. I turned up at dances held by the local gay social group called The Tropical Fruits. and it wasn't until I finally moved to Canberra that I was blackveiled by Mother Edna, who now btw, is living somewhere in Virginia. My memory is quite bad after having a car accident but it couldn't have been less than the mid 90's that I joined.


Kitten Kaboodle
AKAs: Mercy Linda of the Sacred Heart

Kitty Catalyst of the Catnip Patch
AKAs: Bonbon Ominous Faux Pas
Sweat of the Brow
Father Ray Gin

eMail from Sister Kitty, 06/19/2011, San Francisco, CA

Shrouda Turina Tarpe Le Death is an "*", inspired by Sister Camille Leon's statement that many in the community felt that the Names Project Quilt was draining resources away from more urgent needs, and having gallows humor to spare ... the quilt was dubbed the death tarp. To honor our mixed feelings I invented Sister Shrouda Turina Tarpe Le Death as a winky joke for those of us who may feel antagonism towards the project. I think she should remain but have a "*" added. I know it's always a thrill to hear her name read aloud amongst all the other nuns of the above and in a way she embodies much of the spirit of people living with AIDS then and now.

Kitty Liquor, Postulant
AKAs: Postulant Knotty Anne Nice

Klondyke Bar

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Kylie Eleison


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Merry Money

Lacrima Christi del Vesuvio, Mother, 09/23/1995

Lady Quim de Fitte

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Lance Boyles, Guard
AKAs: Parker Carr


Lascia Ch'io Piango

Lashes La Rue
AKAs: Tara Ra Boom Diay

Latea Monacha Accoglienta
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Latea Monacha Incestuosa

Latina Turner

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Lida Dogs Life

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Lily White Superior Posterior

Lily of the Valium

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Livia Life

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Lola du Reve de l'Ange, Mother, 06/04/1994
AKAs: Lolita

Lola Feminista Womyn of Justice

Lola Hangers

Lola LaLips

Lola Lola Charity Case Acola, Postulant
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Loli Luvz U. Lohng Thyme, Founder


Lolita Piole des Fleurs Bleues

Lolly Gagger

Lolly Lustipop

Loosy Lust Bea Lady, Founder, Virtue of Lust

Loreley von den Auen

Lost and Found, Saint __/__/____, Sacramento, CA

Sister Lost and Found

Nebraska Howls: A True Story by Michael R. Gorman

Behold, did the high holy day of Easter
Come in heat upon Sacramento,
And then did the Saved
Go forth in joy unto the temple to worship,
Unto the temple which is called Capital Christian Center.
And even so did the unclean ones,
Yea the excluded ones,
Stand on the sidewalk of the public street
And wail and shout
Unto the closed doors of the temple.
Verily did they carry placards
And did march
And did declare their exclusion unholy
In the eyes of god.
And behold!
The boy E.J.
At fourteen years
Did come from out the choir
Of the Capital Christian Center
Unto the sidewalk on Easter,
And there he spake
Unto the gay and lesbian protesters
Unto the bisexual and transgender protesters
Gathered there on the sun heated sidewalk
Of the public street,
Yea gathered there
With the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
From the City on the Hill
Which is called San Francisco.
For lo! They did hear the cries
Of the outcast ones
From the Great Valley.
And E.J. did question them.
And yea, after the time of questioning,
Did he turn a disdainful eye
Upon the love-hypocrisy of his church
And did denounce its hatred
Of its gay and lesbian children.
This he did declare
Unto the electronic ears and eyes
Of Channel 10,
And unto Channel 13,
And unto Channel 3,
And unto Channel 40,
And therefore surely
Unto the whole kingdom of Sacramento.
And behold!
The temple security did fall upon
E.J. to silence him,
But then did the butch dyke
Stand before them
Causing fear and trembling,
And they did remove themselves away.
And after a time of communion on the street
Did E.J. return unto the church.
And then did the high priest, the Pastor of Coal,
berate E.J.
And did E.J. hold firm
In his revelation.
So they did send him home to the house
Of his aunt and guardian.
And then did his cousin beat him.
And then did his aunt throw him unto the streets.
And then did the church and its Pastor of Coal
Refuse to take him in,
Yea, verily leaving him abandoned unto the streets
At fourteen.
Yet had one protester in truth
Known the heart of the Capital Christian Center
In matters of protest,
And therefore had he given E.J.
A name upon which to call
Should he be cast out.
And then did E.J. call upon the protester
Who did take him in from the street
And did find him
A foster home
Hearing of this, legal guardian,
The State of Nebraska,
Which surely had taken him from the lap
Of his mother who did drink to excess
And would not care for E.J.,
Yea, even Nebraska
Did protest the fostering family.
Yea the mother, the father, the son, and the daughter alike
Did they condemn,
For the foster family did allow E.J. his gay friends.
Verily in love did they allow it.
And then did E.J. declare himself to be gay, surely also.
And then did Nebraska order him back
From the land which is called California,
Unto the Kingdom of Nebraska.
And then did his social worker
A temple maiden in the Kingdom of Nebraska
Place him in a military family,
Yea even in Nebraska,
Which did ridicule his gentle ways
And did ridicule his gentle voice.
And thought E.J. to run away.
And surely did he run away.
And so did the Centurions of Nebraska find him
And bring him back.
And so did the social worker place him in a group home
And there did the sons of Nebraska beat his "faggot ass."
And lo did he run away
Yea verily, yet again.
And then did the social worker lure him back
With promise of safety and care.
Upon his return did she yet again
Place him in the group home.
And did they beat him yet again, verily.
Sorely did they beat his "faggot ass "
And therefore did he run away again.
to a neighboring kingdom ran he away.
Then also did his grandmother, the other alcoholic,
Take him unto her bosom
Verily did she take him in.
In the kingdom of Minneapolis
Did she take him in.
Whereupon Nebraska did give its blessing.
But lo!
In the seeming safety of the bosom of the family
E.J. did love another boy
In tender regard did he love him
In sweetness loved he him.
As King David loved Jonathan
Did he love him.
Therefore did the wrath of his grandmother burn,
Verily along with the wrath of her lover Jack Daniels
Who did both together beat him sorely
And cast him unto the streets
At fifteen
Whereupon E.J. disappeared for scores of days
Surely in silence did he disappear.
And hark ye!
In the fullness of time
In Spring
Did young E.J. telephone the California gay protester
Verily from the corner
Upon which he did work.
And he did tell the protester
What had come to pass in the days of silence:
How he had been raped and beaten
And left for dead in an ally,
Yea, in the shadow of his grandmother's house,
Even in Minneapolis,
How a man had picked him up.
How a man had doctored his wounds
And made him beautiful yet again.
And then did E.J. declare the man
And the California protester did ask
Of E.J
Verily was the man boyfriend
Or pimp,
And did E.J. whisper,
'Sort of both."
Then asked the protester of E.J.
Would the boy desire release
From his indentured servitude,
And did E J respond, in soothe, "Yes!
But surely it cannot be so
For then would I face the wrath
Of my boyfriend."
For, told he the protester,
The boyfriend's friends
Did lavish the boyfriend with jewels
And fine habiliments
And a winged chariot
For the company of E.J.,
For his honey was sweet to them.
Whereupon the protester
Did call the photographer
Who spake unto his lover the diver,
They, both of them, having hailed
From the Kingdom of Minneapolis.
And did his lover the diver
Telephone the Minneapolis woman,
She of the civil protest,
Who did snatch E.J. from the corner,
Yea verily where it was told
He should be At an hour appointed,
As it was so arranged.
And therefore also did the protester
Call upon the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
In the City of Hills Which is called San Francisco
Who did purchase a ticket to fly,
From out the kingdom of Minneapolis
Unto the City of Hills
Which is called San Francisco,
Where surely Gordon, the good Cardinal of the Sisters,
Did open his door unto E.J.
With love in his heart
Did he open his door.
Then did E.J. enter his door.
And then did the gay community rejoice
In welcome,
For E.J had been lost,
But now was found,
And verily also scores of them
Did share his great pain,
And therefore his victory.
And then did Nebraska protest
In great wrath
And then did Gordon,
And the protester,
And the Sisters,
And the photographer
And his lover the diver,
And the woman,
And verily everyone,
Suffer a scourge of amnesia
Like unto the fog of the bay,
And thereby could not tell Nebraska
Where E J. did live.
And then did the school embrace E.J.
And then did the support group embrace E.J.
And then did the counselors embrace E.J.
And then did scores of friends embrace E.J.
And then did E.J. call Gordon "Dad."
And then was E.J. young and gay
On the hills of the city
Which is called San Francisco.
And lo, for twelve months and six
Was there great rejoicing beside the bay,
On the hills Of the City which is called San Francisco.
But lo!
How Nebraska did howl!
And the king of Nebraska
With great gnashing of teeth,
Did send his servants
To seek out young E.J.
And so did the servants
Offer heaven's special blessing
Unto the sister of E.J.
In the city of Saint Joseph
To betray his whereabouts.
Yea, verily, in great deceit did they offer it.
Whereupon did she speak
As the King of Nebraska commanded,
For the false love of her god
And theirs.
In haste the servants
Did snatch young E.J.
From out the bosom of his new home.
Verily did they.
And they returned him by force
Unto the Kingdom of Nebraska.
And then was the social worker become clever.
For lo, did she place E.J. with foster fathers!
Yea even gay foster fathers!
Yea loving partners,
Even in Nebraska.
And then did E.J. see again
The sweet light of hope.
Then did he write in joy to Gordon And to the California
But lo!
A great evil came upon the hearts
The Ruling Council of Nebraska.
And so also did they and the king
Rise in wrath against all gay parents and their
And did declare it unlawful
That such should be families.
The king and the Ruling Council
Did forbid gay foster parents,
Henceforth and forever,
And did order the children of such
Snatched from out their homes
And returned to the place of orphans,
Leaving not one man, woman, or child untouched.
And did the king and his servants
Appoint the day
To tear the children
From out their homes
And lo, Nebraska did rejoice In its great victory.
And lo, did E.J.'s school mates taunt
By the authority of the king
And the Ruling Council.
And lo did E.J. then conform,
Verily, in word and deed
And in his raiment.
And lo the foster home was two months old,
When near unto the appointed
Day of the Tearing of the Children,
Upon an afternoon
In the year of Nebraska's Lord,
One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Five,
On the Twenty-Fourth Day
Of the young month of January,
Did E.J 's foster father come home,
From work came he home,
And there did find E.J.
Suspended from the rafters,
Even the rafters of the garage,
Yeah, verily, by the neck,
Through the looped end
Of a rope
At seventeen.

Amen ! Hallelujah !

Lost Virtue

Lotfi, Postulant

Lotta Ta Ta's, the Whistling Wonder
AKAs: Mini Ta ta's

Lotti Da

Lotus A'Bowl

Lourdes Mae Shepherd
AKAs: Maryin Aman

Lu Cipher, Brother
AKAs: Cadet Guard Spankee Mein Hie-nee

Luann Platter, Founder

Luc de la Sainte Amitie, Founder, Pere

Lucille Has Balls

Lucille The Deal
AKAs: Saint Love n Smiles
Loosey Jooicy Froot

Lucinda Morals
AKAs: Lucien Reddy

Lucinda Zippah


Lucretia Mi Reflection

Lucy Caboose
AKAs: Postulant Tanner Hyde

Lucy Furr

Ludmilla Druffuffssofa

Lumina van Eden
AKAs: Postulant Luna

Luna Emilia, Founder

Luna Krypton

Luna Krypton N36 Dite la Torche

Luna Sea

Lunae Lumen, Angel

Lunda Celestial Skye

Lupita Phat-He-Ta Buffet, Founder, (Now Serving!)
AKAs: Lupita S Loose

Luscious Lashes

Lutz, Gardist



LydIa Prostituta

Lydia Tu Temptation
AKAs: Sue Veneer
Libia Majora

Lynn Da Hand, Founder


Lyx M Wright, Founder


Mable Syrup The Nun Too Sweet

Maddie Bout You
AKAs: Maddie Lynn Cookies

Maddie Za Hatter

Madonna Erotica Von Bitch & Virgin

Madonna Supermodel of the World
AKAs: Seductive Cornucopia

Madragora, Mother

Madras Absolut Consecutiva, Founder

Mae B. Hostel

Mae Betrubble, of the Sacred Paps (the Getting Nun)
AKAs: Danu Maul

Mae Nibble Yer Nipples

Mae Nora

maeJoy Bee withU
AKAs: Postulant PinkJoy Radiant Bliss

MaeLynn Hanzment, Founder


Magdalena Delirious Christian
AKAs: Magdalene Delerium Tremens (?)
Maria Caffeina Mochalatte

AKAs: CelHeRe

Magically Delicious
AKAs: Cardinal Bear Necessities

Magnolia Thunderpussy

Majyna Burns, Founder

Make Me Up


AKAs: Bruja Reyna Capulina Carla Kristina Eduina Chonita Manuela Hadas
Mary Kohn

Mama Dora, Postulant

Mand'Ha Moor

Mandi Blaize-Xenia Naughty Wood, Postulant

Mandi Flowers

Marcee DeSaude, Founder

Marcus the Well Built, Henchperson

Margaret Snatcher
AKAs: Postulant Righteous Indignation

Margarita DeVil
AKAs: Icy Condescension

Maria Caffeina Mochalatte
AKAs: Magdalene Delerium Tremens

Maria Camelia de l'Esprit Charnel

Maria Do Coracao, Founder

Maria Dolorosa, des Consolations Charnelles de Marie-Madeleine, tenanciere principale des maisons d'amour et caves à foutre, gardienne de la memoire de Louise et Rosa, dite la révolutionnaire rouge

Maria Innocenta, aux Mains Pleines

Maria Magdalena de la Redemption, Founder

Maria Penetrantia, von der Ewigen Unvernunft, Founder

Maria Piccolatta Capuccina

Maria Scholastica

Maria von Trapp

Marie Amelie

Marie Anale J'Hesite

Marie Anne Ecstasia

Marie Baies des Anges Hantes

Marie Blanche Hospitaliere

Marie Confesse

Marie des Begonias

Marie des Maux Dites, Founder

Marie Elle E'Phant

Marie Ever-Ready, Charter Member

Marie Fella Scion, gardienne des Trans en fusion

Marie God

Marie Grignota du Bout des Levres

Marie Janine du Reve Suspendu

Marie Jeanette

Marie Madeleine Indibi

Marie McMurderFace

Marie Mongolita des Fientes, Founder

Marie Presla Folle du Desir

Marie Sulpice

Marie Valentine
AKAs: Valentine des Graces de Marie-Madeleine

Marika Mirakulenda die Roeck

Marilyn MOAN-Roe

Mariposa Patriota

Marquesa de Sade
AKAs: Nocturnal Submission

Marry Rich, Charter Member


Martini Bianca, Any Time Any Place Anywhere


Mary-Mo Nique Ta Mere

Mary Aman

Mary Amanda Love

Mary Backroom

Mary Clarence

Mary Clarenz

Mary Daisy Chain

Mary Desmond 3 3 with a Bloody Good Tan, Mother

Mary Dimples, Founder

Mary Drama Penelope Overhim, Servant Sr of the Holy Chamber Pot, Founder
AKAs: Mary Drama Wanna Cummsalot

Mary Ephegenia Poppins, DinoNun, Matron, St Inappropriata's School for the Discombobulated, Chief Nursing Sister at Our Lady of Bishounen Hospital for the Insufferably Romantic

Mary Hellon Wheels

Mary Hot Pants

Mary Jane Fondaweiner, Founder

Mary Jane Singleton, of the Divine Green Weed

Mary Jeebus

Mary Juanita High

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Mary Magnalaid Me

Mary Margaret MayHam (3M), Founder

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

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Mary Mountain DewMe

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Mary Pat McCooter

Mary Pearl
AKAs: Cynna Mankind
Shirley Ewe Jest

Mary Poppin' Bottoms, Founder

Mary Queanne of Scouts, Mother

Mary Queen Ann Sober, Founder

Mary Ralph
AKAs: Maryly Onward

Mary Shock Therapy
AKAs: Shock T

Mary Sit-On-My-Face, Founder

Mary Timothy Simplicity
AKAs: Emma Friggin' Nun
Gayle Force Of Nature
Lolita Me Into Temptation

Mary Tyler Moorgasm

Mary Virgin, on the Ridiculous

Marya Ulrika Pote de la Glotte Sacree

MaryMae Himm of the Havoc Habit
AKAs: Father Hymn

MaryMargaret Xplosion

MaryPosa Flutterby
AKAs: Transsista

Notification of passing, 06/13/2007, Russian River, CA

Sister Nova Nilla writes:

Russian River Novice Sister MaryPosa Flutterby, formerly Sister Transista, aka Stephany Anderson joined the Nuns of the Above early this afternoon.

Sister MaryPosa had been a member of the RR Sisters for over two years. She will always be remembered for her love of butterflies, long flowing hair, and love and devotion to her work with the RR Sisters (among many other attributes!) She loved her work for the community and with the RR Sisters she had found a "family" whose mission was just that, community service.

Long before we ever met her, she had served in the armed forces for many years. She was currently working in the construction business.

Sister MaryPosa also enlightened us all here about transgender issues and the realities of living as a MTF person.

For a chunk of time after she joined the Sisters, Sister MaryPosa was fairly shy. That was until she got in front of the lens of a professional photographer who was shooting photos of each of us for our RR Sister's Greeting Cards. Something was unleashed that day and it was never the same! Sister MaryPosa even described it as if it were her coming out from her cocoon and emerging into a beautiful butterfly. She was so right. Her posing and movements were magical and the photo composite sheets are the proof.

Sister MaryPosa was loved by our Bingo players too. Each month at our bingo games Sister MaryPosa would wear lots of butterfly jewelry clips and she would give give them out to many of the players. Just last Saturday, as I was standing outside our bingo hall saying goodbyes to the players as they were leaving, I noticed many people were wearing those fluttering butterfly clips.....

Two days ago Sr. MaryPosa had a heart attack. The hospital sent her home after a short stay. Sister Sparkle and Sr. MaryPosa had a long chat yesterday where Sr. MaryPosa sounded bright and almost back to normal. But earlier this afternoon, Sr. MaryPosa's heart gave out and she passed on.

Services are being planned by her partner and family. Nothing has been set just yet.

We will miss you and remember you always Sister MaryPosa !

Notification of passing, 06/13/2007, Russian River, CA

Sister Sparkle Plenty writes:

Last Wednesday we lost our dear Sr Mary Posa Flutterby. She died in her sleep from a massive heart attack.

She was an accomplished musician, photographer, artist, writer and published poet. She was also a Viet Nam veteran, father of three, and a general contractor who did property renovation.

Sr Mary Posa was a woman born in a man's body, and with amazing strength and courage was going through the procedures to give her the full embodiment of her womanhood. She lived openly as a woman in a very small community, a little town full of rednecks, bullies and judgemental ignorants who either can't or don't want to recognize people for who they truly are.

By sheer perserverance and will, Sr Mary Posa claimed her rightful place in this community. With music, humor and gentleness she helped many people get past their bigotry and ignorance and come to understand that she was not a freak but "just plain ol' Stephany".

In the last couple of days I have noticed people wearing the sparkling little butterfly clip-ons that Sr Mary Posa was always giving away at Sister events and to passersby on the street. She bought them by the dozens, and gave them away freely.

We are planning a community wide memorial for Sr Mary Posa, to be announced as soon as we get the details worked out.

On Wednesday evening, June 20, entertainer Kit Mariah will play excerpts of interviews with Stephany and recordings of some of her musical performances at various revues. Please tune in. KGGV FM 95.1 (live streaming by going to website and click streaming.) The tribute will begin at 7.

I hope you will be able to enjoy her wonderful guitar playing and fun singing and get a sense of what a joy she was to have in our circle. May the circle be unbroken.

Poem, 11/26/2006, Russian River, CA

From MaryPosa's website:

Life as it Should Be...

I think the life cycle is all backwards. You should die first, start out dead and get it out of the way. Then you wake up in a nursing home, feeling better every day..

You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day. You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement.

You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous and you get ready for High School. You go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby, then, you spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like central heating, spa room service on tap, larger quarters everyday, and finally you finish off as an orgasm.

I rest my case.
Enjoy, have fun, Stephany

Massivus Dicus

MasterMark, Guard

Matic deBauchery

Matic Indocrination

Maud Lynn Erotica, Founder

Maudlin Masscara
AKAs: Postulant Frau Diesel Lickhymngut


Maxima, Mutter

Maximus Shenanigans

Maximus Sol Invictus, Brother

May I Dewyou, Founder

May Inita Bonghit

May Kin Bacon

Maya de la Joie

Maya Kulpa
AKAs: Rhea Dempshun
Juno Nita Rhea Dempshun
Renee Zonce

Maya Magination Runs-Wilde

Maya Poonani

Mbear Hugger, Founder

Medea Whoresalot

Mendusa Love Forbid, The Golden Nun From The Church of Leather Day Sinners
AKAs: The Ninja Nun
Sister None

Mendy See-No

Merciful Sally Lovely, Victim of the Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Mercy Linda, of the Sacred Heart
AKAs: Kitten Kaboodle

Merrianne Bright

Merry go Round

Merry Heretik, Founder

Merry Juana

Merry Mattress Muncher

Merry MeatnPart, Founder

Merry Peter
AKAs: Sassy Poppy

Pink Saturday, 06/26/2010, Castro, SF

Merry Peter writes on Facebook about an experience:

Midwife to Joy: A Pink Saturday Revelation

Her name was Serena but she was anything but calm as she stood sobbing at the Castro and Market gate at 11 p.m. on Pink Saturday. Sister Barbi called me over to answer her question about where to catch the 24 Divisadero bus that normally ran straight through the Castro but tonight, because of the event, had been re-routed.

Serena was pregnant- just a week from delivering her baby- and had just finished her late shift as a sales clerk at Claire's Boutique. She wanted to ride the bus home to Bernal Heights as she did every night. But with 100,000 people in the midst of the largest queer block party on the planet her normal stop was not available. Her fear and exhaustion got the best of her as she took in the scene before her and realized she would have to wade through the crowd to get to her bus which was now running three blocks away- on the opposite side of the street fair.

"My baby, my baby" she kept saying as she cried at the gate. "I can't go through all those people!"

At that moment, it was evident Serena needed more than information about where to catch a bus. She needed an escort to help her navigate the sea of revelers. I looked up at Barbi and an unspoken understanding flashed between us. "You're the nun in charge now," I told her handing over my walkie talkie and bull horn. "I'm taking Serena through the crowd." "Absolutely!" said Barbi without a moment's hesitation.

I looked over to Serena and said I would find a way through the crowd and asked if she had enough energy to come with me. "Okay" she stuttered, still sobbing. "Take my hand and stay right behind me, honey," I told her, promising that she would be safe walking in the wake of a giant drag nun. "If you get scared or need to slow down, squeeze my hand hard." "I will,

With Serena's hand in mine we began the walk down the hill from 17th and in moments we were enveloped - the crowd pressing in on all sides. As I moved I looked for gaps in the crowd and tried to put ourselves into any stream moving in the right direction. "Excuse me darlings" I kept saying calmly to everyone I passed. I smiled at each person saying, "Sister coming through just trying to get someone safely home."

Though it was after 11 p.m. and many in the crowd were already feeling the effect of booze and other chemicals, they responded to my invitation to be gentle and kind, parting before us as we made our way over to 18th, negotiated the corner and headed to the safety of the sisters' command centre where I could take Serena through the blocked off empty street with ease.

As we walked, I kept looking back to see that Serena was alright and to let her know how much progress we were making. “Not much farther now” I kept saying. She held my hand tightly and pressed on.

On the other side of the crowds Serena shared that she lived far up Bernal Heights almost at the end of the 24 Divisadero bus route. At that moment, I understood why the goddess gave me princess parking when I arrived at 4 p.m. for my first shift: my car was just one block up from where we stood and I knew I had to drive Serena home.

"Serena, honey," I said as soothingly as I could, "I know we've only just met but you and I have just made it safely through quite an ordeal. If you can trust me a bit more, I'd like to take you right home in my car."

"Can you do that sweetheart?" I asked.

Serena was still crying softly but looked up and said "Yes, I trust you."

That was all I needed. Two of our EMTs were standing nearby and they watched Serena while I sprinted up the hill to my car. In moments I had her back in the passenger seat and she started giving me directions to her home. As we wound our way out of the Castro and through Noe Valley, up Folsom into Bernal Heights she shared her story with me.

She had only moved to San Francisco in November and had no real friends or family in the city. She was, as I suspected, a single mother who had just dropped out of school and was working to save enough money to travel to Nevada next week to be with her mother when her baby was born.

I asked if she had given her baby a name and she said "Yes, I'm going to name her Ruby."

"Wonderful!" I exclaimed, "You’re going to give birth to a little jewel!" She gave a smile and the first little laugh of the evening. Her breathing was growing calm and less laboured.

Serena continued guiding us, mapping out the bus route she normally took home. As we drove together she kept apologizing saying "I'm so sorry. I'm not usually so emotional." I told her there was no need to apologize at all.

In fact, as I looked at this young girl a week from delivering a baby I couldn't help but be struck by her strength and determination. She was alone in the city, working a tough retail job and, despite her exhaustion, took the hand of a stranger dressed as a drag nun to guide her through a rowdy crowd of thousands. She was at risk the entire night but once she took my hand she never waivered in her purpose to get her baby safely home.

To me, it seemed that going through this ordeal she was polishing that precious ruby inside her, fusing all her own strength into this gem of a little girl so that she could walk this sometimes harsh world with confidence.

Finally, we made the last left onto her street- a nondescript row of grey single-story stucco apartments in the foggy outer edges of the city. She was calm now and thanked me for all I had done tonight. I shared that it had been my honour and privilege to spend this time with her and that I admired her courage and wished her nothing but the best in the weeks ahead.

As she got out of the car we hugged and I whispered in her ear, "Serena, when she's old enough I hope you tell your daughter Ruby the story of this night when a giant drag nun led you safely through the crowds. It’s a whopper of a fairy tale!"

"Oh, I will" she said, "I will!" Then she turned the key in her front gate, looked over her shoulder and waived goodbye. "Good night, sister!, she called as I drove away.

At about the very same time, a young man from a Bayview neighbourhood gang got into a fight with a 19 year old boy at the corner of Market and Castro- just a few meters from where I met Serena less than 40 minutes earlier. The boy drew a gun and shot the other boy dead and wounded two other people.

This senseless violence has been all over the news this weekend and has shocked the Castro. Though it had no connection to Pink Saturday or to the neighbourhood other than through an accident of location, it reminds us all that energy waves as large as Pink Saturday and Pride lift all the boats in the harbour not just those ready for the voyage.

But as we try to make some sense of events in the wake of Saturday night and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Pride that followed, I want to lift up my voice and share the story of Serena and the journey we made together.

We were a most impossible couple- a young, straight Latina from Bernal Heights and an old gay nun from Toronto. But when we took one another’s hands we were given to each other and our lives, so different and separate, were woven together in the common cause of shepherding a new life to safety.

We must grieve for the young life lost on Saturday. But I hope we will also rejoice for the young life that will come into our world next week somewhere in the Nevada desert. May this Ruby enter the world sparkling with just a hint of pink and all the glitter a drag nun can bestow and may she grow into the promise of the prayer whispered over her mother's belly yet to be fulfilled: "One Joy! More Joy! Always Joy!"

We must realize that it falls to each of us to play midwife to the promise of Joy coming into being. So let us send our light and love to Serena and her mother and to this beautiful Ruby child making manifest to everyone the joy hidden in each and every moment!

Blessed be!

Merry Q Contrary, Founder

Merry Widow
AKAs: Mary Widow Corset

Metal Morphose

Mezuzah of the Divine Miss M

Mi-Ho Bang Cock

Mia Fetish

Mia Moore

Michael, of the Stainless Steel Urinal

Michale (tbd), Founder

Midgie Boo

Milk-A-Lot-A Cummings, Founder

Millie Terri

Millie Terry Intelligence


Mina J'trois
AKAs: Postulant Tobie Determined

Mini Pearl Harbor, of the Seventh Fleet

Minima, et elle fait le maximum

Minnie Shevitz

Minnie Soda

Mira Supa

Miracle Whip

Miranda Rights, Founder

Mischief S MerryMaker, Keeper of the Chalice of the Cherrytakers, Founder
AKAs: Brother Buddha of the Kind and Plentiful Leaf

Misha Nairy
AKAs: Postulant Charity

Miso Honey, Founder

Miss Chievious Intensions, of the Sexual Persuasion
AKAs: Lula By Sexual
Misty Hole


Missionary P. Delight, Founding Member
AKAs: Missionary Position (1979 - 1989)
Iamosamadelite, the Sodomite of the Most Holy and Beautiful Dove, Rumi Sufi Heart Now (1989 - 2002)


Missy DaPointe

Mister Meaner, Guard, Founder

Misty Deamor

Mitzi Bixler, Founder

Moana Moansalotts

Moe Cock
AKAs: TraumaCawk de la Grande Phallus Driller
Rusty Trombone


Mona Little-Moore, Founder


Monica Muffdiver

Mora Lee D'Klined

Mora Lee Wong
AKAs: Father Peri Noya

Moredick ForI, Founder

Mort L Sinn
AKAs: Winns Tonns Chesterfield

Morta Bella

Morticia Dum Spiro Spero

Mozzletoff Cocktail

Mr E

Mr Marigold, Founder

Muriel Hopeless, of the Unfinished Orgasm

Muse Protection

My El

Mya Cardinal Infraction, Founder

Mya Graine

Myopia of the Second Wise Monkey, Founding Mother

Mysteria of the Broken Hymen

Mystrah Label Fee Gore, Gardienne des Anges Chanteurs, Protectrice des Pieux, de la Tentation et des Repentis, Dite la Syphily Mys Tic


N. O. Pansies

Nacho Daddy

Nacho Husband, Guard

Nadia Heddensmile

Naga Babu Ganesh
AKAs: Katherine Mary Monica Isabella

Nancy Drew Blood
AKAs: Postulant Nancy Disgrace

Narta la Rousse

Navi Ho

Nealan B Blessed

Neela Takit

Nellianne Manly, Founder

Nerella Vaginitis, Founder


Nia Preen

Nida Salivation

Nina Novena O Kink Us In Kind
AKAs: Postulant Kindness
Nina Porno Novena in Kind



Noah Shame, Guard

Nora Torious 13
AKAs: Postulant Dementia

Dish Email, 08/22/2010, San Diego Pride

Sister Nora writes:

HELLo Sister World!

I was approached once by a guy at our Pride here in San Diego a few years ago, who was so excited to tell me he was a Nun in San Francisco back in 1974!?! known as Sister No-No. He hugged me and trotted off to have Pride Fun. Well I thought thats odd, the Sisters started in 1979? I thought for sure I was missing something, so I fired off an E-mail to Sister Mish about this man and did I miss something about 1974? In the most gracious of replys; as are all E-Mails from Sister Mish, he told me stories of gay men that had been Nuns in San Francisco before SPI and about other cloister of Gay Nuns that had contacted SPI back in the day. Yes Becky, there were gay men in Habit before the SPI.

Well I cam across this lovely man calling himself Sister Grace in Tucson Arizona, of course I had to find out more and below is his amazing story he sent back "in his own words". I found it to be very impressive and with his premission id like to share it with you!

Sister Grace's Story
My habit is an historical piece of GAY Rights Fight in Chicago in the 60's. I was working weekends as a emcee for Robbie Landers Drag Show. I am allergic to cosmetics etal. so she invented the Habit and dubbed me Sister Grace at the Chesterfield Club (Clark & Division) in Chicgo. Two nights later the police raided several "gay" places and put many in jail and then published their names in the Chicago Tribune. We fought back!!!! I and a few others dressed at marched down Halstead St. were arrested and put in jail. During the night some of us were raped and or beaten and thenm released. I still have a scar across my back from a PIG"S baton. So my habit is a disguise of sorts but also a symbol of YOUR FREEDOM, there is more work to be done so go out and do it.


Norma Lee Intoxicated

Norma Ly Naughty

Nova Aggra, Vicar, Daughter of the Fabricated Phallus
AKAs: Guard Nova Agra

Nova China
AKAs: Fawn Del Mei

Nova Gyna, Founder

Nova Nilla
AKAs: Father Nova Jhyna

Novice Sister whose name we can't remember right now

Nun the Wiser



O'Conversia, Protectrice de celles et ceusses ki voudraient ben mais ki peuvent point dite la Pintade Dorée

Oblivia Neutron Bomb

Odin Money
AKAs: Postulant Zeal

Odora Flatulotta, D'Pew the Fragrant, Founder
AKAs: Guard Deeper Throat
Odora Flatulotta of the Fluttering Habit
Heidi O's-Mee-O's

Oh Mary!, Father, Founder

Ohna Tirade
AKAs: Ohna Fucking Tirade

Oletta B. d'Monic


Olive D Gayz

Olive O'Sudden

Olive Overhang, Founder

Olive Peters

Olive Thatten Moore
AKAs: Porcelina Blue Eyes, Creamy Thighs, Hair So High

Olivia La Serana

Olivier, Postulant


Opa Leez


Opheillia Titzoff, Boston SPI Founder


Ophelia Balls, Founder

Ophelia Fire, Postulant

Ophelia Fyre

Ophelia Minge, Brother, Madonna of the Mystic Orgasm

Ophelia Nutz, Founder

Ophelia Onassis
AKAs: Emasculate Deception

Opher Phuxake

Opiate of the Masses, Founder

Opus Gay
AKAs: Y Pus

Ora Lee Gyfted
AKAs: Ora Lee Wunderbar the Mouth of the Southwest
Ranya Ragged

Dish Email, 10/21/2010, Phoenix, AZ

Sister Ora Lee writes:

Hello SPI family...

It's funny how life makes weird twists and turns that sometimes brings so much clarity. Much like that moment when your winshield wipers really work and all the sacrifical bugs are washed away...

So some months back, I changed my name to Ranya Ragged, in high hopes that a new name would bring new clarity to my path through sisterhood. I had no idea that the road I chose to take ran along aside a swamp, and the windshield became overrun with the corpses of all those insects trying to block my view so I didn't see I was heading down a dead end road striaght into the swamp. The wipers got a foothold finally, and I see that what I thought was helping only hindered. The negative energy that came with the name compunded instead of released.

So with that said, the name goes back, but to what it was going to be in the very beginning. I was Ora Lee Wunderbar, a name coined by my partner and coincidentally payes homage to my paternal biological great grandmother who was an ambitious and amazing woman. Ora Lee is back but with her proper last name - Gyfted. This also pays tribute to the sister who told me she had no trouble with my name as long as I didn't move to san Francisco. If I did we would be wrestling for the name, thank you Sister Aura Lee Gifted.

so here's the remember how Ora Lee Wunderbar was driving along the coast of Monaco and was in a terrible car accident, yet survived. during her hospital stay, she saw her own face looking down on her and holding a pillow...then the world went black. the funeral held for her by her "sister" Ranya was a sham. We think Ranya burned some poor mannequin in that Viking funeral, but we will never really know.

After months of therapy, we came to find that Ranya did indeed try to rid the world of Ora Lee, but that Ranya was only the dark side of Ora Lee manifesting in poor Ora Lee's drug-addled hallucinations. The therapist finally suggested and excorcism...and it worked. After properly thanking the priest (he looked least under the cassock). the demon Ranya was excorcised from Ora Lee.

The Orange Harlot is back with her proper name...Ora Lee Gyfted!! Let's hope that the therapy and exorcism took this time...

Love, Light, and Lube,
Sister Ora Lee Gyfted

Oral Climax

Oralee Pleasures, Postulant
AKAs: Postulant Ivanna Yurman

Orgasmica Melodica

Orgia Maxima, Founder


Otto Gin Ophelia

Ovina Fornicata

Ovo, Founder

Oy-Vey Maria


Pa's Leatherwolf, Guard

Pacifica Coita Deum

Paddleme' Tooshie

Palao Froh, Nie Transmoderna in Wohnhaft zu Flaggelant

Pandora Ejaculata Controllata, President, Mother

Papa Bubbles, Founder

Papi Seed

Pastor Best

Pat N Leather

Pat O'butta

Patriarch le Fleur, Founder

Patricia Serpenta de Gomorrah

Patti Whak

Patton Mygroin

Patty Cakes, R.N.

Paul A Deen

Pauline Virtues

Pearl Necklace

Pebbles, Paladin

Peghan Ritual


Penelope Versus LSD, Mother, 04/05/1996

Penny Lane
AKAs: His Most Imperial Majesty, Emperor XXXIII John-Richard, The Bare Hug Emperor
High Priest Toot'n Poop'n
Penny Costal

Penny Pasta

Penny Trashun

Penny Trater, Founder

Penny Tration, Founder

Percy Q'Shone

Perky Dot Hits the Spot
AKAs: Padre Pussoir, Order of the Pot Smokin' Pixies
Postulant Perky Pussoir

Perversula Felatiopia, Founder
AKAs: Perversula Fellaladieux

Peter Beater

Petunia Encarnata

Phatima La Dyke Van Dick

Phelonious Assualt, Founder

Phil Hugo Down
AKAs: Postulant Cub Cake

Phil McCracken, Guard
AKAs: Cadet Bear Lee Vicious
Oso Vicious

Philander Uranus


Philip Urazz

Phillipa Hole

Pho Fun, Founder

Pho Real

Phyliss Withe Litaday

Phyllis Balls, Founder

Phyllis Stein, the Fragrant, (with Sister Spooge)

Pi-Rho Technique, Founder


Piccolettha Innocentia, Founder, Reuniting Bodies of Berlin, Mutter

Personal Bio, 08/01/2007, Mannheim, Germany

Wo ich herkomme:
Im Juni 1992 wurde ich in der Krypta von Saint Martins in the Fields in London zur Schwester geweiht und trage seither meinen englischen Schwesternnamen. Ein Jahr danach erhielt ich vom damaligen Deutschen Mutterhaus der Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz in Heidelberg den Profess und meine Wohnung wurde zur Lighthill Mission Berlin. Im Januar 1999 wurde das Deutsche Mutterhaus der Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz nach Berlin transferiert und ich gehörte zu den Gründungsmitgliedern des Berliner Trägervereins. Zunächst war ich Sekretär, später dann Mutter und Vereinspräsident im Vorstand. Seit Mai 2003 gehörte ich zu den Gründungsmitgliedern des "Ordens der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.". Dort war ich als Vorstandsmitglied und Mutter tätig.

Where I come from:
I was blessed to be a sister in 1992, in the crypt of the church of saint Martin in the fields in London. Since then I do have my English sister name. One year later I received my profess documents from the german motherhouse of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which was located in Heidelberg at that time. And my apartment in Berlin was declaired to be the Lighthill Mission Berlin. In January 1999 the german motherhouse was transferred to Berlin and I was one of the founding members of the corporation that is legal authority wise necessary for an orderhouse in germany. In the beginnings I was in office as secretary in the motherhouse in berlin, later I became the president of the corporation and the mother superior of the motherhouse as member of the bord of the order. Since may 2003 I belong to the founding members of the Orden der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V. There I was member of the bord, president of the corporation and mother superior of the orderhouse.

Was ich tue:
Als Missionarin zu Mannheim obliegt mir die Aufgabe, durch administrative Tätigkeiten den Verein zu unterhalten. Als Missionarin sammle ich Spenden für Menschen mit HIV und AIDS, verschenke Safer Sex Utensilien, betreibe Primärprävention und gebe Informationen dazu weiter. Außerdem vollziehe ich Weihe- und Segnungszeremonien, versuche intersubkulturelle Differenzen zu überwinden und durch Lebensfreude, Gesang, Engagement und Freundlichkeit positiv auf mein Umfeld einzuwirken.

What I do:
Actually I support the orderhouse and the corporation as a missionary sister in Mannheim. I collect donations for PLWHA, give away free safer sex materials, make primarily prevention and hand on informations. Apart from that I make blessing ceremonies, try to help to overcome inner-scenical differences and try to positively influence the people around me with spreading the joy of life, singing, engagement and friendly manners.

Mein Beweggrund:
Ich konnte bei einem CSD in New York ein paar jener Transen kennen lernen, die 1969 beim Stonewallriot für die Rechte und die Freiheit gekämpft haben, die wir heute wie selbstverständlich genießen. Diesen Transen gegenüber empfinde ich die Verpflichtung, mit all meiner dafür zur Verfügung stehenden Kraft für die schwule Community zu arbeiten. Da mir im Laufe der Jahre viel zu viele Freunde durch AIDS verloren gegangen sind, und da ich immer der Meinung war, dass die klassische Präventionsarbeit zu freudlos und moralinsauer betrieben wird, und da in Zeiten leerer Kassen die bereitgestellten Gelder schon längst nicht mehr ausreichend sind, habe ich mich als Nonne an den Dienst an der Gemeinschaft verschrieben.
My reasons:
At the Christopher Street Day 1994 in New York i was happy getting to know some of the original drag queens who had fought at the Stonewall Riot 1969 for rights, which we digest now as if they were naturally there. To those drag queens I feel the duty that I shall work with all my love, power and strength for the gay community as well. Since over the times I have lost far too many friends suffering from AIDS, and since I always thought the “classival” preventionwork is made with far to little joy but full with enoying moralty, and since far too little “official” money is available, I have decided to work for the community as a nun.

Meine Ziele:
Mein oberstes Ziel im Leben und als Missionarin ist zu versuchen, ein guter Mensch zu sein. Ich versuche, mit meinem Engagement ein Zeichen zu setzen gegen Gleichmut und Desinteresse. Ich versuche, mit meinem Engagement einen Bewusstseinsprozess anzustoßen, ohne dabei den mahnenden Zeigefinger zu heben und mich an der Herstellung eines kosmischen Gleichgewichtes aktiv zu beteiligen. Ich glaube fest daran, dass Zwietracht und Zank, Neid und Missgunst, Eifersucht und Verrat, Geltungssucht und Egoismus überwunden werden können. Ich hoffe darauf, dass Besserwisserei durch Erfahrung, Neid durch Selbsterkenntnis, Eifersucht durch eigene Leistung, Missgunst durch Gönnerhaftigkeit und Hass durch Liebe ersetzt wird.

My goal:
My highest ranking goal in life as well as a missionary sister is to try to be a good human being. With my engagement I try to set a sign against less caring and anti-interest. With my engagement I try to start a process of consciousness without lifting my moral finger (as we say in german). And I try to help creating a cosmic balance. I strongly believe that anger and arguments, envy, jealousy and betray, vanity and egoism can be overcome. I hope that knowing everything better can be replaced by experience, envy can be replaced by selfreflecting consciousness, jealousy can be replaced by own good deeds and generousity, hate can be replaced by love.

Pierce D'Coq

Pierce Dogma

Piggy Sue, Founder

Pigmentia Stigmata

Pilliere de la Sterilisation du Grand Remue Menage, Founder

Pimprennelle de l'Anticipation du Saint Sourire des Anges

Pinky Flamengo

Pinky Ladyslipper, Founder

Pious Heathen, Brother
AKAs: Caddie Lac DeVil

Pious Peak, of the Holy Mount

03/21/2006 Email to Sr. Titania, 12/24/1991, San Francisco, CA

Sr Lily White writes:
There is a famous story about her; Christmas Eve, 1981

Sr. Pious, Sr. Mish and a few others were passing out goodies in the Castro and collecting donations. The fascist police at that time in SF had nothing better to do than to harass the good nuns. Sr. Pious had no ID so they were going to arrest her (on X-mas Eve, the Skrooges!!!). A crowd gathered and began to harangue the police and to rock the squad car--- a near riot ensued. In the confusion, Mish helped Pious slip away and she ducked into "Does Your Mother Know?" - a still existent store in the Castro. Fotunately, the dears had handcuff keys (imagine that!). A search ensued and she was passed through the alley from store to store... so Anne Frank don't you think? It made front page news in the papers. Love that story!


Pixie Dust

Plenty O'Cleavage

Plush Lovebud

Poison Ivy de Pussie


Polly Amorous
AKAs: Postulant Awanna Nita Threesome
Jackee Strap

Polly Ester

Polly Habenero

Polly Sorbate 80, Founder

Polly von Acocker, Founder

Pollyanal Buttercup, of the Dionysian Orgy, Founder

Pollyanna Russ

Poly Amorous, Founder

Poly Andry
AKAs: Sunbeam

Pope Dementia the Last

Poppa Woody

Porn Again

Porna Forna-Kayshun, Founder

Porsche Monkai, Guard

Portia Lee Hydrogenated

Postulante La Fernanda

Postulante La Juanmita

Postulante La Pendeja

Postulante La Rafaela

Postulante Regina Martirum

Premonstratensia, Mother
AKAs: Pre Madonna

Priapos von Oralis, Captain of the Guards

Prima Donna Meechy

Princess Albert and the Pee

Princess Gillian

Prissy Go Lightly

Private Pots, Founder

Pronuptia, of the Splattered Veil

Prudence Improper

Prudence Pride of Perfection, Founder, Virtue of Pride

Prudencia Ernestina, Fundadora

Prudetta Kardinal von der Immerwahrenden Trunkenheit, Founder

AKAs: Sushi

Psycho AnalEyez, Founder

Pulmonary Resuscitation II

Pumilia Periciosa Libido
AKAs: Brother Pumilia

Pup Pee

Pup Pow

Pup Sabian

Pure Heart

FPM Profession Resume, 07/08/2007, Seattle, WA

How to make a pure heart

Take 12 months

Clean him thoroughly of all bitterness, hate, jealousy, insecurity, and guilt.
Make him just as fresh and clean as possible.
Prepare him one day at a time with these ingredients;
Measuring words carefully, add heaping cups of understanding, generous amounts of time, patience, and community activism.
Add to him each day, one part hope, faithfulness, generosity, friendly words, and knowledge.
Add a dash of humility, a pinch of warm personality, season to taste with the spice for life, good spirits, and a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play, and a cup of good humor.
Mix well into each day, one part hope, one part courage, one part work, and one part patience.
Pour all of this into a vessel of love. (Preferably 6’ heels, or sensible shoes, depending on how long you’re going to cook him.)
Cook with gas on the front burner, keeping temperature low – DO NOT BOIL!! Cook thoroughly over radiant joy, and happiness. Being careful not to scorch, could be bitter to taste.
Garnish with white face, glitter, and a smile.
Serve with, unselfishness, cheerfulness, knowledge, and understanding. Never forgetting to have fun!!

Purell, Boston SPI Founder

Pursefonee Ophelia Bitz


Qetesh, The Divine

Quaalude Conduct

Queen Issa Fella


Rabbi Bent


Rachel Profiling

Raegeena Wit Envy, Founder, Virtue of Envy

Raffa Ella Rabiata Grafin Hagelstein

Rainblow Bites

Raisa Brau, Our Lady of Whiplash

Ralf, Postulant


Ranya Maria, de la Malle a Queues

Rapture Divine Cox, Founder

Raquelle Surprise, de la Lumiere Doree de Malibu

Rau D. Focker

Raven B'Yotch, Founder

Raven Lunatic

Raven Nevamore

Ravyn Misbehavin

Ray Dee O'Active

Redwood Daddy

Rega Cards

Reggie LaVince


Reno Biggest Little Sisters

Reva Lation

Reverend Mother Abbess, Founding Member

Rex Uranus

Reyna Phyr, Founder

Reyna Terror

Rhoda Hardcoque, Founder

Rhoda Kill, of the Maculate Veal
AKAs: Postulant Tapioca
Postulant Holly Day

Rhoda Lottamen

Rhoda Warrior
AKAs: VanGuard

Rhoda Whorse, Founder

Rhythm Method
AKAs: Mary Rhythm Method

Rich, Postulant

Right Sarong, Founder

Righteous Sin Dignation, Monsignor
AKAs: Eva Destruction

Rimya Deep
AKAs: Sister Ana Lingus

Ringa Fyre
AKAs: Postulant Bevvy Downer


Risque, of the Sissytine Chapel

Rita du Calvaire, de Marie Madeleine car elle aussi a beaucoup souffert, Archimere, 6/24/1994

History of World Conclave, 07/03/2007, World Dish Email

Sister Rita writes:

Dear Sisters,

A detail about sistory: the very first Conclave was held in Paris, in june 1991, together with the opening and blessing of Le Couvent de Paris, Motherhouse of France (with a mass performed at Le Palace, in Paris, written and directed by Sister X and God aka Michael Salinas). Sisters from US (SF, Seattle and other places), Australia and Europe (London) gathered for this unforgettable celebration and meeting.

Sœur Rita, ArchiMère Générale des Couvent de France

Rita Lips, Founder
AKAs: Icannotta Hearya

Robbed at Birth, Founder


Robinia Vulgaris

Rolanda Kahndom

AKAs: Wanker Spanker

Roma! There's No Place Like Rome

Ron A Muck


Rosa de Lima

Rosa La Ola Grande, Founder

Rosa Relentless, Founder

Rosanna Hosanna Fella Bella

Rosario Hala Peno, Postulant

Rose de la Foie de Ta mere, Gardienne des Muses, fesseuse d'anges, dite Tais-Toi

Rose Incarnate

Rose of Sharon Tate

Rosetta Stone, Boston SPI Founder

Rosetta Stoned
AKAs: Shiksa Marie
Compassionata Conservativa

Rosie Bottoms

Rosy Cheeks

Rowdy Azell

Rowena Keeper of the Holy Doyley

Roxanne Joie de Vive

Roxanne Roles

Roxxi Nyte Awai Faithfully
AKAs: Roxxi Ist Faithfully Onya

Roz Erection

Rubba Willie Duck
AKAs: Postulant Rubba Duckya
Rubba Duck

Rubber Booty Butt Bumper
AKAs: Rubinya Booty of the MaNastycal Disciples

Rubina Exessa mit einem Herz aus Marzipan

Rubis et Orbis

Ruby Slippers, Postulant

Rula MyBehind

Rupert Chuck Speaker of Tongues, Mistress of the Gossip Mongers

Rusty Kooter

Rusty Metal, the Satanic Mechanic
AKAs: Postulant Metal Entity Electrically and Spiritualy Reincarnated

Ruth LesBitch

Ruthie Relentless
AKAs: Ruth Less



S. Nappin Pousse, Postulant

Saddie Saddie Rabbi Lady


Sadie Masa-Kista

Sadie Masochism

Saki Tumi
AKAs: Saint Sue Nami, 10/28/1994
Pastor Prime
Beth Le Ham

Sal-E, Founder


Salome, of the 9th Mystic Rhinestone

Salome' Getzhed

Salvation Armee

Samoa CrackaToa, The Tropical Experience, Founder
AKAs: Bootie Licious (until Oct 2005)

Sandra Musique

Sanka de Mayo

Santa Ana Winds


Sara Bellum

Sara Femme Fatale

Sarah Belle Pawlsey, Postulant

Sarah Suckerman

Sasha Biscuit

Sasha Cochteze


Saturnalia, Founder
AKAs: Urea-K

Satya Pureheart, Boston SPI Founder

Saviour Applause

Scarlet Billows

Scarlet O'Hairy

Scarlett O'Whora

Sched, Guard

Schnieby-Lotta Victualia Trivilore

Scholastica Procrastica

AKAs: Rosemary Beads

Scott Nothing to do With You, Henchperson

AKAs: Cody

Searching for Men

Sebastian Passivo

Secretia, Founder

Seductive Cornucopia
AKAs: Corny
Madonna Supermodel of the World

Sedusa Poly Tishun, Founder

Seeme Feelme Touchme, of the Immaculate Panties, Founder
AKAs: Saint Simi Valley

AKAs: Postulant Benoit

Selma Organs

Selma Soul
AKAs: Saint Cabanaboy

Sensible Shoes, Charter Member
AKAs: Loretta Timothy

Sensualus Predatori
AKAs: Sister Sensual
Sister Predator
Sally Forth

Sera Nae D'Masses

Sera Tonin

Sermonetta, of the Flying Phalus

Servina Bunchatops

Severitas Miona, barmherzige Samariterin der Grofstadt

Sexy Angel

Sexy Xie
AKAs: Exsus Manus the Trans Francisco Treat
Mari X Posa
Guard U R Rights

Shahiralotta Voicez

Shalita Toddler

AKAs: Many Tongued Nun
Schwester DirndlDomina
Libertina Antichrystal
Neurotica Nervosa

Shapiro, Reverend Mother

Sharin! Dippity Reveal

Sharon Sharalike

Shawnti Fey, Widow, the Widow Most High, Founder, The Widow Most High
AKAs: The Widow Shawnti Fey, Guard

Shea D'Queen, Founder

Shea Mess

Shear Devotion

Sheela Noyah

Sheila Blige

Sheila Cutabitch

Shelby Redeemed
AKAs: Cathi Lick

Shelita Crack

Shirley B. Medicated, Mother Superior

Shirley Bea Medicated

Shirley Bint
AKAs: Sir Lee Bint

Shirley Knott
AKAs: Donna Matrix

Shiv-ah Schizophrena Majestas Domini

Shrouda Turina Tarpe Le Death

Shugga Butt



Silly Pcybin

Sindy Vine

SiNe Nomine Intemporalis

Sinful Sin, Founder

Sinthetic Soul, Guard

Sioux St Semen Sloth, Founder, Virtue of Sloth

Sir Cum Ference

Sir Dai of Abergrabafanny

Sir Jane General

Sir Kit Board

Sir Loin Tofu

Sir Osis, of the Liver

Sir Tainly Absolutely Straight

Sir Tys Major

Sir Vent, of the Dark Side

Sir Vices Rendered

SirCumStance, Founder

Sirv'n Uplashes, Founder

Sissiphyllis, because I’m worth it, Shepherdess of France
AKAs: Sissi car je le vaux bien, Bergere de France

Sissy, Founder, parce que je le vaux bien, Bergere de france
AKAs: Sissiphyllis

Sissy Allmen DoLike, Founder

Sissy Sweettea

Sister Sistah

Skagnolia Thunderpussy, Founder

Slash, of the Holy Gay Porn

Response Letter to West Australain Newspaper, 05/20/2010, Perth, Australia

Original Letter in newspaper from PATRICIA LITHERLAND


It is incredible that whenever the gay and lesbian comm unites have a get-together we are led to believe it is a day when the message must be one of "tolerance and equal rights.

The report by Jullian McHugh (Sweet excess as Mad Hatters Face off, 17/5) seems harmless in itself but the words tolerance is once again devoid of the truth when the picture of the gathering shows that the gay and lesbian community cannot be believed when it asked for tolerance but continues to deliberately offend those who have given their lives to god.

The continual wearing of the habit by those within the gay and lesbian community brings shame on them and doesn't deserve any one's tolerance or understanding.

I cannot believe that we have a day called International Day Against Homophobia when so many gay and lesbians have the biggest hang-up about themselves to the point where they have a day to celebrate what they is a "phobia" when society is more tolerant and more understanding than before. We get it "oh poor me" attitude about their sexuality and they are satisfied unless they are hitting back. Where is the tolerance there? There is none.

It would be hoped that some of the sugar that was on hand in the cakes at the fundraising gathering would rub off on those who continue to have no idea what tolerance is and then have the gall to ask the rest of the community to give them "equal rights" and support for same-sex marriage. They can forget it happening in this lifetime.

If gays and lesbians really want to be seem as equal they they must get rid of their own phobias and then we can all live happily ever after

Sister Slash and Sister Freda Bang Bang Me like a Boomaran respond:

Dear Editor
Re: Patricia Litherland, Success
The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence dress as Sisters because we are Sisters, who belong to an international order of activists and carers formed more than thirty years ago. We work to raise public awareness of the ongoing discrimination that members of the GBLTI community endure daily. We respect and honour the work that nuns within organised religion do, whether they identify as lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual. Like conventional nuns, we take vows of charity and service, and minister to our community, providing services that most organised religion excludes us from. We wear antiquated, outdated religious habits which parody the antiquated, outdated views still held by established religions and those people that propagate hatred and bigotry.

In a world where we are not free to marry our partners, where violence and hatred are a daily threat, the Sisters are a visible reminder of the strength within the GLBTI community, and the support we receive from our allies. We're asking for tolerance as gay and lesbian people, but not on the condition that we are by the heterosexual culture. Our flamboyance is part of our culture, and we're not apologising for it.

The Sisters are a grassroots response to hate, fear and ignorance. When they cease, our job will be done.

Sleaze du Jour, Charter Member


Smeralda magdalena Subdominantia Psychosis in Den Ruinen von Sangri-

Snuffy Lupagus, Guard

Soami, Founder
AKAs: Missionary P Delight
Missionary Position
Iamosama DeLite, the Sodomite of the Most Holy and Beautiful Dove, Rumi Sufi Heart Now

Dish email about a Postcard being sold on eBay, 01/21/2008,

Dear mythicprints,

a comment really: I am one of the Sisters who made these cards.
I was Sr. Missionary Position back then---in 1980 when we made the first holy postcards. The first three hundred were hand printed on photo card stock by Sr. Homo Fellatio and myself at the Harvey Milk Photographic Center in Duboce Park. When they were all sold we went to a commercial printer and the first set of four in the 3 1/2 x 5 size were duotones. I believe it was a run of 1000. Which of the above is the one listed? Hand printed or Duotone? These Holy Postcards were the way we financed the early work of the Sisters. Your buyer may contact me for more information or for more holy postcards of sisters in various stages of adoration....fondly,Sr. Soami of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

- soamiarchive

Founding Sister History, 06/01/2007, World Dish eMail

I forgot to honor Sr. Sleeze duJour, even Loganberry Frost who were non- faerieidentified but followers of the TM route (transcendental meditation) that Vish, Roz Erection and they so generously with Reverend Mother instructed all of us in those first months, years, and times of retreat. the TM underpinnings of the Order are the reason for our earliest vows proclamation of commitment to "Collective Enlightenment."

It could be a good reseach project for a new novice to search the archives for the original Constitution and Rule of Order and see the founding sisters, signators therein. Are there fourteen or fifteen? And who did Hot Patootie and Banana Nut become? Was Loretta Timothy Sensible Shoes yet? and Sr. Vish had an Indian name then and who was that Hindu deity? How did Sr. Marie EverReady (our first Maui missionary)sign herself at the beginnig? Did Rosanna Hosanna Fella Bella sign it? And Isabelle became who after the first dog show he organized? And Sr. Boom Boom's full sister name? Sr, Rose of. . . . Was it Theresa or Teresa Stigmata? What was Homo Fellatio's fairy name? (hint, she is of a flower clan with connections to the early RFD)?

Sofonda M'junk

Sofonda Me

Sonata Innocent, Founder

Sopionis deAmbrosius Busti
AKAs: Anelle Intrusion

Sorenda da'Booty

Spankee Mein Hie-nee, Guard

Sparkle Plenty, Founder

Sparkles Spandex


Spiketakiss, Captain

Spinna DeVinyl, Postulant
AKAs: Angel DJ Harmonix

Spreada Mae Vagae, Founder

Spunky Bukkai

Squash Blossom
AKAs: Fanny Powers
Guard Woody Blowhard

Squeal Loud, Founder


Star Gem 'N' Eye Gautna Patience
AKAs: Postulant Patience

Starry Eyed

Stella de Floratia
AKAs: Kronos De Membro Sancto - barmherziger Samenritter der Grofstadt (1998)

Stella Virgin

Stelysa Trayler
AKAs: Barry McCockin
Alysa Trayler
Stella Standing
Alysa Standing-Trayler

Stigmata Hari, Keeper of Confessions and Gossipy Blabbermouth


Suck M. Silly
AKAs: Constant Succulance

Suckajaweena, Founder

Sufferin Succotash


Sugarpie, de Santo de Sancta Clarissima

Suministra Noviciada

Summer Bigger, Postulant

Summer Clearance, Founder

Sunny D Meaner
AKAs: Postulant Cherry Poppins
Novice Lemme Help

Sunshine, of the Radiant Smile, Founder
AKAs: Sunshine Salax Machilla

Superior Sybilla Sadbitch La Savior Faerie, Sister Superior
AKAs: Lily White Superior Posterior

Suzette Alouette Melissa Lux Alba
AKAs: Suzette a l'Orange

Sweet Charity

Sweet Cherribum
AKAs: Justin Saint

Sybil Libertease


T'keela Mockingbird


Taint A Virgin

Tallulah Larissa Montis

Tammi Bo'Rene


Tammy Faye Bakkersfield

Tamsin Arachnea Tebaldi

Tara Dinger

Tara Hyman

Tara Maldita Peregrina, inter Mundos y Monaguilla de Sodoma nagai namae desu ne F.S.P.I., Mutter

Tara Ryze

Tasha myFUPA, Founder
AKAs: Anelle Dysplasia

Tasha Salad, of the Hidden Valley Ranch

Dish Email, 05/02/2008, Portland, OR

Sister Mona writes:


I just got off the phone with Sean's mother, Alice, and have a very clear picture of what the situation is. As I said earlier, Sean had an epileptic seizure Monday evening, and fell from his front porch. When he fell, he landed face first because both his cheeks were broken, as well as his nose and palette. A combination of the electrical storm in his brain, and the impact of hitting the sidewalk caused Sean to go into full arrest. It took Sean's mother several minutes before she realized Sean wasn't breathing. It then took the paramedics 7 minutes to get to Sean and start CPR. They performed CPR for over 20 minutes and were on the phone with the hospital to get permission to stop CPR when they detected a faint pulse.

Sean was taken to Oregon Health Sciences University's ICU ward and kept in an induced coma. He started having respiratory distress, and they put him on a ventilator. They did an MRI scan this morning, and have said that the brain damage is too extensive for Sean to recover. His family agreed that Sean would not want to be kept alive artificially, and had him removed from the ventilator. Sean is breathing on his own right now, but they can't be sure how long. The thought is he will not survive the night.

His mother, father, and brother are all staying at the hospital to be with Sean tonight. Please light a candle for Sean and keep him in your thoughts. I will be talking with his mother again tomorrow afternoon.

Sister Mona

Dish Email, 05/03/2008, Portland, OR

Sister Mona writes:


Shortly after noon today Tasha passed on. I spoke with Tasha's mother earlier in the morning. Tasha made it through the night after being removed from the respirator, but had developed a 104 fever. The doctors suggested they remove the breathing tube, and increase Tasha's morphine dosage. The family agreed to this, because they knew that Tasha had already left this world on Monday, and that her body just hadn't stopped yet. Tasha's body stopped functioning about an hour after the breathing tube was removed.

Tasha's mother was holding up very well, and I think she had already come to terms with it all. Please keep Tasha's family in your thoughts, and join us as we light candles to help guide Tasha to her next plane of being.

Sister Mona Little-Moore

Dish Email, 05/03/2008, Portland, OR

FP Guard Noah Shame writes:
In a few hours, members of the Seattle and Portland houses will be joining together in a show of mutual love, support, and remembrance for Sean May, aka Sister Tasha Salad.

The light of this world is a little darker now; we ask that you join us in spirit as we try to cast the uncertainty and pain aside and celebrate the joy Sean brought to our lives.

Sean, my love, you will live in my heart and in my memories for as long as I draw breath. You were my good friend, my partner in crime, and my Sister, and I love you.

FP Guard Noah Shame
Portland SOPI

Taxifollia des Pollutions Nocturnes

Tearyn Upmyrectimus, Founder

Teddy Tuck
AKAs: Aura Lee Loved

Tek No, Garde-Cuisse

Ten Buck U, Guard

Tepuia Lascivious Honey Bear, of the Scarlet Sphincter

Teresa Solution
AKAs: Postulant Lois Carmen Dominator


Terry Yaki

Teryn McCloseoff

Tess Defy

Tess T Mint

Tess Tickles, of the Sacred Scrotum, Founder
AKAs: Kissa Myassah

The Vegan Mary
AKAs: Posulant Marta Domme

Thee-Adorya Bearneice, Founder

Theo Pressed, Guard
AKAs: Daddy Ho
Guard Pope Fiction


Theresa Nervina

Theresa Stigmata

Theresa Trashie

Therese de Cul et Lard, Founder


Theresia Bavaria Nata Via Maia

Therezille, et tes Paillettes Dite la Bûcheronne des Lilas

Thor, Guard

Thor O'Zeen, Founder

Thumb Belina

Thylege de la Vache Folle, Founder

Thylège de la Vache Folle


Tillie Swallows, Founder

Tilly Cums Again

Tilly Marie Angelique du Grand Coeur

Tiny Bubbles

Tipper Over

Tippy Tap Toes

Titania Humperpickle
AKAs: Bee Ver
Sister Bee Ver

Blessing/Meditation, __/__/2007, Los Angeles Membership Meeting

I promise that I will forever uphold
the love and the spirit
Of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

I am a Nun
dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy
and the expiation of stigmatic guilt.

I diligently strive
to keep my sense of humor,
And to never take myself so seriously
That I forget to have fun.

I am considerate
of how my words and actions
affect others.

I give of myself
with humility and compassion
without monetary compensation
to helping those in need.

I am not Old Guard
I am not New Guard
I am Avante Guard
I am a Sister
Transcending all lines of my community
With open arms
and a warm heart
embracing all.


Titi, Cardinal

Titty Titty Gang Bang

Toby DeTermined

Tootie Toot, of the Magical Fruit

Tora Wholes

Tore Me Anus, Founder

Tori D'Affair

Traci Undercaffinated, Founder

Tragedy Ann, the Astronaughty Bootylicka

Transgender Bend-Her

Travis Hobbs

Treesa Burning to Get Back on Stage

Tres Sainte Jeannette

Trinity Divinity Faerie-Fabulous Affinity to Infinity

Trouser Mouse

Truely Fierce, Founder

Trystina T Rhume
AKAs: Prudence Madders

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History of Whiteface, 04/21/2009, SF Membership Dish posting

Sister Vish writes:

Many of you have asked me about the history of whiteface in SPI.
Here is the definitive history:
I was doing whiteface in Iowa in the mid 1970's for artistic photographs. My friends and I lived in a victorian on Iowa Avenue in Iowa City (where we started RFD, the radical fairie magazine) and we would drop acid and do photos of eachother. It just seemed that the photos were richer with the whiteface. The costumes were one way of expressing something and painting the face just added to the expression. When a painter begins he/she paints the canvass white first so that all the colors are more vivid.

After moving to a gay farm outside Iowa City I would get dressed in a costume, paint my face, and this time do mushrooms, skipping down the country lanes jumping thru imaginary hoops. Moving to SF in January 1977 I brought the 5 nuns habits from the Cedar Rapids, Iowa Catholic convent, and this love of whiteface.

So that Holy Saturday fit of boredom and the day out by Mish, Bruce Golden and I naturally had me wearing whiteface as part of the expression (the other two did not wear whiteface).

Yes, I was the FIRST and ONLY SPI nun to wear whiteface.

In the years 1979 to 1984 the reasons I wore whiteface were these:
1) artistic expression,
2) disguise myself from potential sex partners.

In the early 1980's it was NOT acceptable for "real" men in our community to do drag. You were considered NOT a "real" man if it was known you did drag. Word would get around that you were seen in drag and your sexual prospects dwindled accordingly. Drag was essentially "in the closet". Drag queens were seen as impeding the gay political movement ("we have to be acceptable to straight people for them to give us our rights").This thinking led to criticism of SPI for "ruining it for everyone" untill ACT-UP, Queer Nation and the straight popularity of Rupaul showed our community that drag is actually an asset rather than a liability for our movement toward changing social attitudes about homesexuality. In the late 1980"s Sister X and I would crash gay political gatherings (NGLTF Creating Change Conference in L.A.) demanding that they address transgender, gender identity and drag issues in their organizations. The 25th anniversary of Stonewall in New York and the March On Washington were NOT going to have any transgender speakers on stage untill we stormed planning sessions demanding they include gender identityCrepresentation at these events. We REALLY made a nuisance of ourselves untill they started dealing with the issue(s).We argued that straight people would accept drag queens before thay accepted homosexuality. We argued that drag could be the wedge by which queers could start a comfortable dialogue with straights and eventually change their attitudes about homosexuality.

But I digress...

Most of the early Sisters were negative about whiteface because they felt they couldn't be "real" Sisters wearing whiteface. After all, Catholic nuns don't wear makeup.The Australia and British Orders don't wear makeup/whiteface for mostly this reason (they are "real" nuns). Gradually SPI Sisters started to wear the whiteface because they realized that in interactions with the public, people were more drawn to the makeup with comments and enthusiasm. Besides, photographers gravitated toward it.

When the group dwindled to 6 members 1984-1987 we ALL wore whiteface and it became one of the recognizable symbols of SPI as much as the wimple and veil.

When I started prostitution in 1986 I had an additional reason to where whiteface. I couldn't let my clients see me in drag. But this career in prostitution (VERY profitable at the time) didn't start untill 1986. I used the profits from prostitution to finance those exorcisms, basketball games (4 of them), trip to Europe with X and Psychadelia when we started the Paris Order (1990), trip to SPI Paris's 6 month anniversary in the spring of 1991 (show at La Palace) and other SPI activities (the group didn't have any money of its own at that time).

Now, the whiteface is part of the worldwide uniform of SPI, along with the wimple and veil. Without the wimple and veil we would just be clowns. The wimple and veil add the political aspect. I'm sure the Catholic Church would LOVE it if we stopped wearing the wimple and veil and just wore the whiteface, etc. They would be our best friends! The reason the church to this day is so OUTRAGED about us is that quintessential symbol of the Catholic Church (the habit-veil, wimple) has been expropriated by SPI for our own purposes. And that is POLITICAL. Whether you choose to be conscious of that political aspect of your image or not, every time you don the habit you are making a POLITICAL statement that infuriates the Catholic hierarchy! I just choose to be conscious of this fact and analyze the repurcussions.

Love, Grand Ma

Speech titled WHERE HAVE ALL THE RADICALS GONE?, 09/__/2009, YBCA Big Idea Night

Where have all the radicals gone?
Longtime passing,

Where have all the radicals gone?
Long time ago,

Where have all the radicals gone?
Gone to sleep every one.

When will we ever learn?

When will we ever learn?

The vital role of queer radicals using political theater is legendary. The Cockettes set the standard in the late 1960’s. A former Cockette characterized their performances: "Of course they were political, but no one among us verbalized it. We had no need of rhetoric. We were madcap chefs cooking up a storm and the ingredients were theater, magic and tribal anarchy." WORDS, WORDS, WE DIDN'T NEED WORDS, WE HAD POLITICAL IMAGES!

Their successors, The Angels Of Light, carried on with "Paris Sights Under The Bourgeois Sea", attacking the ruling class, the anti-imperialist "Sci-Clones", and the Hindu queer spiritual odyssey "Holy Cow".

In 1973 The Radical Queens sponsored a "Kiss A Queer" booth at Temple University. The Cycle Sluts used gender-fuck as a potent theatrical weapon. Then came The Radical Fairies, ACT-UP and Queer Nation in the 1980’s and currently, since 1979, The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence. We must be the imaginative visionaries supplying originality to a movement that is often reduced to a civil rights agenda.

Speaking of civil rights: with our defeat in Maine, we now have lost marriage rights in 31 states. What I read in this week’s Bay Times by Ann Rostow pretty much sums up the state of marriage rights, at this time, in this country: "I am guessing that we really underestimate the breadth of anti-marriage sentiment. Dislike of gay men and women is not only intense on the right fringe, but it is also pervasive across the political spectrum. By contrast, our support in the center and center left is, let’s call it affectionate, or maybe principled. It’s not passionate enough to counter the opposition."

These elections are great for exposing the depth of homophobia in this society, not just from the religious lunatics, but also from our liberal "friends".


Civil rights are a tool for social change, not just electoral change, but radical cultural transformation. I will work my ass off to reverse Prop 8, signature collecting, phone calling, canvassing and campaigning but an election victory is not what excites me about this marriage issue. While visiting my mom 3 summers ago as the marriage issue began to be debated in Iowa, we were watching a news report on the subject. As a lesbian couple appeared on the TV screen my mom blurted out, "Well, their relationship isn’t at all the same as your dad’s and mine!"

In that moment I realized how passionately PERSONAL Americans feel about marriage. Most people care less about gays in the military, hate crimes, workplace discrimination, domestic partnerships or civil unions. But when it comes to marriage, as my mom so eloquently stated, "they" aren’t equal. WE aren’t equal.

Precisely because Americans value marriage so intensely, marriage is a powerful tool for confronting homophobia/gender conformity where it lives. It lives in the minds of all Americans.

But marriage equality is not an end in itself.

Marriage equality is a MARKER on the road to cultural transformation. On the left, queer radicals perform a valuable role for the LGBT community in the current cultural "Tug-Of-War". The rightwing has their heavyweights at their end of the rope. Fundamentalists are tugging mightily. At the left end we need more radical activists using theatrical social commentary, crystallizing the issues, tugging the debate in a leftward direction, framing the discussion on our terms and setting the agenda.

As an example: Following the passage of Prop 8 we publicly exorcised Archbishop George Nederauer, stripping him bare to his homophobic bones. George played a pivotal role in Prop 8’s enactment. People are afraid to criticize Christian clergy. The Sisters exorcised the Archbishop’s homophobic demons, calling him to redemption. (Jesus Christ. He’s a fag! The Archbishop can kiss my queer ass on his unrepentant pilgrimage to hell!) The necessary role of our LGBT liberal allies is to go before the establishment media, make "apologies" for our shocking behaviour and negotiate the dialogue.

As long as "comdemnations" are not substituted for "apologies", this symbiotic system works. We play the "Bad Guys". They play the " Good Guys". When some of our LGBT allies accuse us of "ruining it for everyone", I ask, "ruining" what? If "ruining it" means "ruining" religious oppression and bourgeois conformity then I say, " Yes, let’s ruin it!"

We need a new Queer Community based on values, not based on a sex act. The whole idea of a homosexual is only 100 years old. It was created by the dominant culture attempting to identify and control us. We can not continue to define ourselves on their terms. Rightwing Christians are right, it’s about values, though their values are drenched in homophobia, sexism, bigotry and religious intolerance.

I share few common values with LGBT assimilationists. Serving in the military, getting married, moving to a suburban home with a white picket fence, a kid, a dog, a car in the garage, and working as an upwardly mobile cog in the corporate world order are nothing I aspire to.

What we do have in common is I don’t want to be killed or discriminated against because I suck cock. But, are we to be defined by a sex act or by a spiritual vision? To paraphrase Don Kilhefner: Now, for the first time, the forward-moving force of history compels us to MAXIMIZE our differences from the dominant culture as an act of love to ourselves and to them – the emergence of a new radical queer consciousness. "Let us pursue relationships of differentiation, of creation, of innovation. An identity to our unique selves."

Let us challenge the assimilationist values of our LGBT compatriots. We must be the vanguard of the truth, the early adaptors on the cutting edge of a new radical queer consciousness.

The world depends on us. Lead and they will follow.

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The Nun Interview; Pebbles In Your Shoes Would Sister Sensible Shoes approve of your footwear? Will "God" approve of your answer?, 07/__/1992, Los Angeles, CA interview By Michael Salinas With Sister X-plosion!

MS. What is your sister name and how does it best describe you?

SX. Sister X. Though her full name is Sister X-plosion! The name describes me because Sister X is explosive material. She deals only in truth, and where lies and manipulations or shades of truth are concerned you run the risk of detonating her. Pushing the right buttons. or the wrong buttons. can be a dangerous act with Sister X. It can be heaven or hell, whichever you choose. I chose the name because I was very angry when I took my vows. angry at a shameless system that would allow so wonderful men to die of AIDS. When I retire from the AIDS Crusades, I will take the name X-tasy. she is X-plosions polar opposite. I pray that soon I will have earned the peace to retire explosion!

MS. How do you perceive nuns? What virtue, if any, do you especially admire in a nun? What do you think is the most important virtue you possess as a nun?

SX. Dominican nuns taught me from kindergarten through the sixth grade and have always remained powerful and fascinating icons to me. Humility is a virtue I greatly admire. a good nun works for the greater good outside the demands of her own ego. I wish I could say patience is my own most important virtue, but I constantly struggle with impatience. Astrologically I am an Aries, therefore, I have a great desire to control things. Also I'm like the romantic Englishwoman. All she wants is everything, now. Loyalty, without question is my strongest virtue. Sister X is a very passionate and committed nun.

MS. What was your earliest brush with religion?

SX. Kindergarten under the care of Sister Imelda. She was older and very kind and gentle, like a grandmother. I remember being very frightened though secretly drawn to her my first day of school. At noontime she told me to go home for lunch since I had not brought a lunch. I thought she was sending me away because I had done something wrong or that she didn't like me. I went home and hid in the back of my mother's closet for the rest of the day crying, they had to search to find me. They decided I was too young to start kindergarten and that I should wait a year. The next year I was less afraid of Sister Imelda. she told me I was a holy child like on the holy cards.

MS. Do you believe you had a calling as a nun?

SX. I believe so, but I wasn't fully aware of it until quite late in my life. I did not set out to become a nun. I had the qualities necessary, but if your calling is that of a nun, and you become a nun, it can be difficult to find a convent that will take. Certainly I never laid any plans to become a nun. Who could have known that such a radical order as the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence would emerge and not discriminate on the basis of gender. Chance, I will say, graciously favored my prepared mind and I found my way into the convent.

MS. In the Catholic view, things are polarized. Nuns are black and white from wimple to shoes and things are good and bad, right and wrong, heaven and hell. Do you find a polarity in your experience as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence?

SX. There are many things in my experience as a nun that mirror the polarity of life. I'm a fascinated admirer of the great mythologist Joseph Campbell, who believed to live on earth means to live in a world of polarity and dichotomy. As far as the nun thing goes, the most difficult polarization for me to deal with is not, as one might think, the male/female equation, but rather Sister X being out of the real world, heaven bound, and John being so grounded, his feet thoroughly mired in the muck. It gets confusing because Sister X has a worldly mission, but her head is in the stars.

MS. Drag queens continue to breed controversy within and without the gay community. Are the Sisters drag queens?

SX. Yes, and isn't it absurd. Drag queens have always existed in every culture throughout time. Drags as entertainers, USO girls, cheerleaders, and they serve many other roles in our community like fundraisers and funraisers, but I think their basic function is the personification of mother earth. Drag queens are generally very wise, elders of the community. Drags introduced me in the gay world, and I must say, they gave me a sense of community and a feeling that I belonged. Drag queens have always espoused celebration of diversity. They honor our uniqueness and have always stood for liberation of the soul, the imagination, and expression of the self. Drag queens taught me not to be conformist when I came out. The gay white boys today miss the whole point. Yet, they have freedoms they would not have today if it had not been for the commitment and balls the drag queens showed twenty-five years ago at Stonewall. Assimilationist gays are fighting for acceptance and civil rights. The really Queer gay people, like drag queens, are fighting for liberation. the right to be who they are and express it in whatever way they choose.

MS. What about the sisters?

SX. Well, I'm a drag queen, but we have members who do not consider themselves to be. Certainly, the women in our group don't. as a group, however, we fight for the rights of drag queens. And, more importantly, we honor them as the true leaders and pacemakers of our movement. I'm proud to be a drag queen, though most people don't put us into that genre. I think with drag queens there is always the question of sexuality and deviation from an acceptable norm. nuns by tradition have asexual images. I think the Sisters are excused their rather flamboyant drag because they are more clearly a theatrical expression and are anchored in the good works they do for the community, raising money and awareness.

MS. Assimilationists in the gay political movement tend to want to push drag queens, people of color, women and "queers" to the background and present an image of gay people to America that they have deemed more "normal" and acceptable. As an unusual gay person who is frequently in the medias eye, how do you feel about representing the gay community and issues to the American public?

SX. I feel fine because it's proven that I'm very adept at it. The Sisters have always enjoyed tremendous access to the media. We have seen it as a gift and a great responsibility, that's why we have so educated ourselves about the issues and the nuances. I always invoke Sister Mary Media of our order, she understood the importance of media manipulation. Certainly, I have had experiences where an Assimilationist has tried to push me to the background because he didn't feel I was appropriate. The irony is that it's usually a boy young enough to be my child and when he was running around in diapers, years away from expressing his gay sexuality. I was in the streets fighting for the freedom he enjoys today, and I did it by creating a rapport with the media. I think the assimilationists are confused and misguided. If what they want is to present an image and a behavior of which heterosexuals will approve, then they should just do it. I don't think the liberation part of our movement is for them. they want to conform to someone else's idea of who they are. If their desire is, and they have the attributes to blend in with the straight culture, then they should just do it. . they are the ones who should step to the back. it's not their fight. And if they think becoming an ass kissing conformist will get them their civil rights, history doesn't bear that out. we have been closeted for centuries and all we have to show for it is deep seated layers of oppression of our spirits and our lives. Certainly women, people of color, transgenders, drag queens, and the truly "queer" don't have the option of blending, nor, I think, the desire to do so. So you see, it's really our fight, that's why we have led it.

MS. Some say you trivialize important issues with your garish and outrageous costumes and theatricks, while others say you elevate and make the message accessible through performance art. How would you answer your detractors?

SX. That I'm not a fool. The Sisters have been doing what they do for more than thirteen years. If we weren't getting a positive response, we would stop doing it. I'm not into abuse and if that was what I was getting, I would probably stop. The best educators have always been entertainers. The best nuns are the ones who are teachers. We have very successfully combined those elements. We are social and political educators, as well as spiritual teachers. I definitely feel we make the message accessible. AIDS and issues of sexuality are complicated and difficult for anyone to deal with. we can make learning fun. The London Times described what we do as ". The art of making activism recreation."

MS. The BBC stated that some Christians find the Sisters "SHOCKING AND OFFENSIVE!" What is the most SHOCKING AND OFFENSIVE response you might have for those who feel that way?

SX. Jesus was a faggot who fought organized religion and government; he was an anarchist. I'm sure he sucked a little dick in the desert. Christian bigots have no credibility as far as I'm concerned; they've practiced genocide for two thousand years and should be more than shocked and offended; they should be punished. I'm not seeking their approval; I'm trying to shock them to their senses. If they are offended then they need to deal with that. My fight is to free the words of Jesus from the mouths of bigots and free the rights I am guaranteed by the constitution of this country. how arrogant that Christians hold our civil rights and presume to hold our souls hostage, lest we conform to their desires. I believe strongly in not only the separation of church and state, but the separation church and religion. We were given not only our freedom "of", but freedom "from" religion in this country by our very insightful and "queer" founding fathers. Gays and lesbians must be committed to fighting for those rights in any way they can. I've chosen "guerilla" theater and if Christians are shocked and offended, I can only say that I'm equally shocked and offended at their arrogance and their assumption of divinity. Christians accept all of creation as god's handiwork, yet they assume their own divinity by saying homosexuality is not part of creation, but an aberration. They are truly hypocrites.

MS. How important is the uniform? Do you want to be buried in your habit?

SX. The habit is essential because it invokes all that traditional nuns stand for. Our habits have become very abstract at times, but that's just our twist, we're nuns of the future. I will be cremated and my habit passed on to a novice, but I do think it would be appropriate to be buried in it. it represents who I've become and that of which I am proudest in my life. Sister X has been a gift in my life and I feel blessed to be her.

MS. Are there aspects of life that your Sister persona is better at and how has that been an educating experience to you?

SX. X is better at everything than John (my given name) because she has all of John's experience, talent and drive coupled with her own passion and insight. She also has no past to bog her down, nor a future to confuse her. She is a creation of the immediate and completely spontaneous. She has great insight, not to mention her clear understanding of her purpose and mission and her spiritual destiny. Sister X has inspired John and freed him completely. everything important that John has learned is Sister X; everything important that Sister X has done has empowered John.

MS. How has being a sister affected your sex life? Cruising life? Romance? How OUT are you about being a sister? Would you tell a man on your first date? Third date? Or would you treat it like a reform school background?

SX. My lover of thirteen years, Bruce Collette, died two years ago. He was madly in love with Sister X, as she was with him. His last words to me were "you're Sister X now. I want you to go on helping the community." Beyond my relationship with Bruce, I am most proud of in my life of what Sister X has accomplished. AIDS has affected my sex life, not my vows. Our most important vows are expiation of stigmatic guilt and promulgation of universal joy, which includes sex. Sister X, though, is dedicated to safe sex education and condom use and distribution in junior and senior high schools. She makes the boys take a Condom Saviour Vow. I would have no hesitation telling a man on a first date that I'm Sister X. I would only be interested in dating a man who could embrace Sister X for the truly remarkable creation that she is. I am no longer sexually aggressive in my life and men generally don't follow through on passes they make at provocative nuns, but the game is fun. Celibacy is perhaps a virtue to which X also aspires.

MS. There have been Sisters in the past who haven't been able to handle their experience as a Sister in positive ways. What, if any, negative impact has your Sister persona had on your life? How do you avoid it?

SX. Sister Boom Boom, I think, is the classic example. Poor dear, she drank and drugged herself nearly to oblivion. Clearly her nun persona was too big for her to handle, she left the convent to become a media critic of the Sisters. The early Sisters tended to debauchery, but then the times called for that, the Sisters personified the extreme decadence of gay men in the late seventies and early eighties. Personally, X has been only a positive influence in my life. If there is a negative impact, it's that I would rather be X, which leaves John (myself) waiting for his body to be returned a lot. I avoid it being a problem by forcing John to continue to create and promote his own abilities separate from X. my challenge is to teach both John and X to pull in tandem like a perfectly matched team of horses; it's the same synchronization Bruce (my lover) and I had, now John and I are learning to do it.

MS. What is the ratio of personal and public good in your work as a Sister?

SX. They are mirror images of each other. The more I do for the community, outside my own ego, the more I am internally as a human being. Conversely, the better person I'm becoming makes a better nun. The public and personal aspects are symbiotic and they feed on each other.

MS. Some describe the sisters as "clown nuns" . how has your work as a sister carried on the traditional function of the circus clown?

SX. It's the real fun part. Our colorfully painted whiteface tradition definitely is an expression of the "clown" in us. We come down the line of the court jester, circus clowns and mimes. In the circus or at a rodeo, when a performer gets hurt, they send in the clowns to distract the audience and safeport them back to the lighter side. I have performed that function so many times during the AIDS war that it breaks my heart. The clown also represents the polarity of sadness and joy, he can make you laugh and he can make you cry. The clown is the child in each of us and the wise, aged one. The Sisters have definitely served as clowns through the tragic AIDS war. We're very like mimes, as well; that marvelous tradition of theater and the venerable genre of social activism through ideological street theater that we carry on. In the past, one of the court jester's function was to mimic the Emperor, anyone else who dared to would be beheaded. Too, religious parody is a Western tradition; the Sisters carry on with distinction and great aplomb.

MS. Have you had your hour of need that has put the Sisters to a test on a personal level for you?

SX. Yes, when Bruce became ill. Paradoxically, for all that the sisters have done to help the community through the AIDS War, they have not instituted systems to take care of their own in crisis. Individual Sisters have helped me in my hour of need, but because our convent has no physical structure and exists in spirit and mind, I felt the convent failed me. However, I learned about my own strength and commitment by figuring out how to handle it in spite of what I saw as failings of the group. We're nuns, we're human. No one wanted to let me down, but out of our habits we're all just struggling to survive, like everyone else. I can say that the group has always learned from past mistakes; we have been better able to respond to the crisis needs of our members of late. Perhaps my situation with Bruce was the test; a test I hope we ultimately pass.

MS. How would you rate the Sisters in terms of Sisters taking care of Sisters?

SX. Sister Vice and Virtue, Sister Marquesa De Sade, Sister Psychedelia, and a founding Mother Superior are all struggling with advanced AIDS. I see the group responding very compassionately and in practical ways. It's ironic because virtually all the early Sisters are dead from AIDS. We were slow to respond to our own; much the way the nation has been slow to respond to us. I think Sister Luscious Lashes and sister X were catalysts for more concern about taking care of each other, too.

MS. In terms of your responsibility to other Sisters who are in crisis, is it personally more or less important than the outside work you do as a Sister?

SX. It should be just as important. However, we're not all soul mates. We are not perfect; there can be backbiting and competitiveness within the convent. I jokingly say that I can debunk the myth that they shave your hair off when you enter the convent; the reality is that they pull it out by the roots. To be completely fair, I have to say that we are learning to value each other in the same way the bigger community is learning to value one another in the face of the loss from AIDS. We're all important to each other and time is so short and AIDS can be so swift. The best I can say about the convent and the nuns who comprise it is that we are humans intent on discovering the deepest reaches of our humanity, but we are not saints; yet.

MS. As an investment in your own future, how do you feel about your involvement with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

SX. I don't believe in the future; for me the future is right now. When Bruce died, the future died with him. I no longer project myself beyond what I am doing in the moment. I go forward, I just don't project to the future. I do believe though, that my involvement with the Sisters has afforded me the opportunity to leave a vital legacy when I die; people in the future can learn from it. what better investment is there for the future?

MS. How do the sisters prevent becoming like the institutions they mock. or have they? Traditionally, convents have been institutions of conformity. How do the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence measure up in that regard?

SX. It's a constant vigil and something we have to deal with on a continuous basis. I think the propensity is our nemesis, but we are an eclectic group of very creative and imaginative nuns; change is our hallmark. Generally speaking I think we have embraced the diversity of our group; we encourage everyone who joins to express his own individuality and then struggle to harness that energy for the goals of the group. it's a challenge.

MS. Stop the Violence Campaign. What impact has it had on gay bashing in San Francisco? How do you explain the dichotomy between the Sisters "Stop the Violence" campaign and violence in actions and the military imagery they use in their Queer Army's Holy War?

SX. The awareness of the escalation of bashing on the streets is definitely having an impact on how potential victims deal with the situation, but it's not changing things overall. Unfortunately, it's a bit like swimming upstream; the violent attacks are increasing exponentially because we live in a society that needs scapegoats. The commies are dead, so gays and lesbians become the target for the hate mongers and bigots. When Presidents, Vice presidents and Governors bash gay people in the media and the halls of democracy, how can you blame the Neanderthals who carry out the hateful agenda of our leaders? It's just a sad reality that we all have to work on. As far as a dichotomy in our actions and our rhetoric, the reality is that gay activists are not violent. In Los Angeles one activist broke one window and the media christened us "violent." In South Central the disenfranchised people burned down half of the city; people died; property was completely destroyed; jobs were lost. By comparison, gays are polite; perhaps too polite for their own advancement. We are a group committed to non-violence, we use the images of war in Queer Army as an exercise in parody. We are not violent, that's a media "spin".

MS. How "queer" are the Sisters? Why a "Holy War"?

SX. I think the Sisters are the queerest of all. We certainly have been out there getting in the establishment's face for a long time. Thirteen years. We actually see "Act Up" and "Queer Nation" as our children. A Holy War because the church is our biggest enemy. Ours is the Holy War; they have conducted an "Unholy War' for centuries. The church is arrogant because they got away with the inquisitions and the crusades; they were caught but never punished. The time is coming for the church to receive punishment for the genocides it has perpetrated throughout history on many cultures and which they continue vigorously today on gays and lesbians.

MS. Do you think the most important impact of the sisters is in the past, present or future?

SX. I think the Sisters importance is linear in our movement for civil rights and personal liberation. We continue to provoke because we have always been ahead of our time on the issues, but that is our function, we break the ground; we represent the level of freedom there is in our society. When you no longer see the Sisters on the streets doing what they do, look around, you'll probably find that the whole system has turned even more Fascist and gay people in general will be less visible. In a way we are a barometer as to how much freedom there is for everyone. I think that's why the community has embraced us so thoroughly, on some level they understand that function of the sisters.

MS. Will you be most remembered as yourself or as your sister persona? And which would you prefer?

SX. I think it may become difficult for John to eclipse Sister X; she has a stellar atmosphere about her and she travels so relentlessly meeting people. She also leaves an indelible impression on those she meets. John spent so much time of his life perfecting the art of invisibility in order to survive that I doubt that he will be remembered the way X will be; she's bigger than life; John has never aspired to that. Perhaps history will remember them in tandem; that would be nice.

MS. The Sisters are primarily known as transvestite "male" nuns and the political edge and theatrical gimmick has always. More or less, pivoted on that fact. How does the experience translate for the real women in the group?

SX. I cannot speak for a woman's experience. No man can, and I wish they would stop presuming that they can. I do know that the women in our group are dedicated and have worked hard to be a credit to the order; the vocation of nun is familiar to them, that much is obvious.

MS. How do you feel about groups like the catholic bishop's conclave in Lourdes, France, condemning the Sisters as blasphemers and heretics?

SX. I'm thrilled. I wonder what has taken them so long, but then look at their response to all the important social issues over the last twenty centuries. face it, they're slow. When they notice what we're doing, we're doing our job well. When they notice what we're doing, we're doing our job well. When we provoke them to publicly condemn us, they are entering a public dialogue. We like them to speak because they generally make fools of themselves and reveal their own confusion and bigotry. We renamed our safe sex show, Banned in Lourdes, in honor of their condemnation. They strongly objected to our Condom Saviour Mass where our Pope Dementia the Last blesses the latex as the new "flesh" of the savior and then conducts a mass communion of condoms. We're just doing their job for them. If religious institutions do not transform themselves to serve the needs of the community, they become antiquated and fade away; that's what's happening to the church. it does not serve our spiritual needs and, like communism, we will witness it's fall this century. Personally, I can't wait; that's why I keep provoking it.

MS. How do you feel about the Catholics for Truth and Justice (the catholic lawyer group) accusing the sisters of "church bashing"?

SX. Make no mistake, we are "church bashers". We consider it to be bashing back, however, they started it two thousand years ago and should be grateful that we're not burning them at the stake as they have done to us in the past and continue to do with their passive genocide through the AIDS epidemic.

MS. More than any other factor, AIDS seems to have woven the Sisters into the fabric of gay history. What is your most important contribution as a Sister to the fight against AIDS? What is the group's most important contribution?

SX. The sisters published the first safe sex pamphlet (Play Fair) in the world in 1980. they also produced the first AIDS fundraisers in the world. they were a series of dog shows on Castro street. Shirley MacLaine was co-hostess with Jane Dornacher and Sister Boom Boom. And the first AIDS patient in the world to go public was Bobby Campbell when Time magazine put his face on the cover. he was Sister Florence Nightmare. RN. In addition, over the last thirteen years the sisters have carried on a continuous fundraising effort for AIDS and community service organizations. Personally, I think Sister X's most important contribution is the Condom Savior Vow and the insight she has shared with millions about AIDS and her experience as a caregiver to Bruce. So many of us have been called on to be caregivers and, sadly, many more will be called. It's a difficult role and Sister X continues to minister to those in need. The silver lining of AIDS is that it presents us all with an opportunity for spiritual growth; soul evolution is in the balance; AIDS plays an important part in that. I think, too, that being sent in as the "clowns" has been an important contribution.

MS. Which is more rewarding for you, ministering to an individual or to the community?

SX. Individuals. The individual is easier to reach. When you've educated enough individuals, the community evolves. Herd behavior is not always conducive to Sister's message, so she tends to go for the individual lambs.

MS. The Sisters have been so involved with the community and on the cutting eddge throughout the AIDS War that they have perhaps seen more of the heartbreak firsthand than most of the gay community, yet they appear to be pillars of strength during these trying times. Has being a Sister alleviated or aggravated your personal fear level in the face of the AIDS crisis?

SX. I feared losing Bruce, but I have no fear of AIDS. I have lost hundreds, if not thousands, of personal friends and loved ones to AIDS and I've nearly lost the battle myself recently. For a long time I felt numb. I cried until I thought I would drown in tears; I prayed that they would stop. When they did, I felt dead in a desert of despair. When Bruce died, he took away all my fears about illness and death. Now, I do my job and take care of the demands of my nunly vocation and sometimes when I am alone, I cry, but they are not tears of sorrow and fear; they are tears that soothe. Fear cheats us of our lives so I have vanquished it along with my doubt.

MS. Do you relate more to the Sisters as icons or iconoclasts? (Celebrity vs myth smasher; ego vs the work)?

SX. Definitely iconoclasts. I take great joy in smashing the icons and myths that tend to be our oppressors. Shatter, splatter icons don't really matter. The Sisters are living religious statuary from Hell who deign not reverence, but demand irreverence. Sometimes the celebrity gets in the way of the work; I am most interested in the work; I have learned how to manage the fame.

MS. In thirteen years the Sisters have gone from a message of hedonism to hedonism with responsibility. How has that changed what the Sisters do or the way that they do it and how they are perceived? How important a virtue is "fun"?

SX. It hasn't really changed our approach; the sisters still throw the best party in town; celebrating life in the face of death is essential. Unlike institutional churches, we have continuously transformed our order to serve the needs of the community. We're nuns who never hailed Mary, but we did hail the party, and we still do. Fun may be the most important virtue and I think gays and lesbians certainly deserve to have fun; we've been an exemplary community during the AIDS war. We stuck together and took care of one another; we did what our government and religious institutions refused to do. In the process we created a model for the world and a community for ourselves. I resent Christian assumption that we have no spiritual nature because they have deemed homosexuality deviant. Through our deep losses we have found our humanity and it is profound. Gays and lesbians have created non-traditional families that make all the tongue wagging about "traditional family values" a very sad and sick joke. I would want gays and lesbians to be role models for my children.

MS. Can you find a point in your own experience as a Sister where it changed for you, say from "Bad Boy Nun" to "Committed Nun" and you saw something for the greater good happening?

SX. I guess at Gay Games in Vancouver BC. The gay men who organized the event were gay apologists and Assimilationist. They were carefully trying to control the gay image that straight Vancouver would see. Gay Games was a coming out for the gay community and there was concern that we appear "normal". Try as they did, event organizers could not keep Act Up, Queer Nation and The Sisters out. They were unsuccessful because we have a place in the workings of the community and no one is going to push us to the back. The irony was that the Sisters were the lead news story each day of the event. In fact, it was the Vancouver straight press that first described us as "Clown Nuns". That caption legitimized us to straight Vancouver, and parents began coming to the festival and trade center to see what the event was all about. I had many parents thank me for the good work I was doing for our community. One mother told me that when her daughter told her she was a lesbian, it broke her heart. She thought that to be gay or lesbian meant you would live a life of isolation; a sad and lonely life. When she saw what our community was doing and how we celebrated our pride and how we helped one another through the AIDS crisis, her entire perception changed and she knew her daughter had a beautiful and committed community to which she belonged. That mother came to the festival because she saw the Sisters on the six o'clock news. That's when it changed for me, during that conversation and when she handed me her baby and asked me to pose for a photograph.

MS. How have you succeeded as a nun? How have you failed?

SX. I've been a good educator,; I have traveled to many countries trying to shed light onto the darkness; I have been dedicated to ministering to the boys and girls, who have grown into men and women through the horrific AIDS War; I have helped raise badly needed dollars for our community; I have reached into the heterosexual community where spiritual ministering is woefully inadequate. I fail sometimes to forgive my oppressors. Sometimes when I'm really missing Bruce; I fail to understand why he was taken from me. I am still impatient for this to be a better world. I fail sometimes to recognize John's virtues. But I succeed by working hard scrubbing the corners of the convent and my heart.

MS. What would you consider your legacy to the Sisters to be?

SX. The international scope. We now have functioning orders in Paris, London, England; Berlin, Germany; Heidelberg, Germany; Florence, Italy; Edingburgh, Scotland; Dublin, Ireland; Norway, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Also a personal legacy has been my dedication to educating the younger generations of gays and lesbians about their history. I meet young gay people who don't even know who Harvey Milk was. It's important to document our history and pass it on. Sister X has been dedicated to that mission.

MS. How well have you kept your vows? What are your vows?

SX. Sister X has kept her vows because she believes in the importance of vows, the most important being expiation of stigmatic guilt, promulgation of universal joy, celebration of diversity.

MS. I have experienced that people become very confessional when in the presence of a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Using the catholic confession opening; bless me Father, for I have sinned. what would you confess to your public?

SX. Bless me father. for I have sinned. though I have reached millions with my message of humanity, I have failed to reach my own family. I condemn my flesh and blood brother as a hateful and abusive man; in my heart I can find no forgiveness for my own family. Such is the reality and tragedy for many gay and lesbian people.

MS. Did you ever imagine that the Sisters would become internationally known? Do you think it's important for gays and lesbians to think in terms of a global gay community and how do the Sisters factor into the international equation and struggle?

SX. Yes, because that was the intent on it along with our Mother Superior, Sister Vicious Power Hungry Bitch. Together we have been a dynamic duo, we're both nuns who get things done. I think a global gay consciousness is essential. Our detractors (ie the churches) are working against us on that scale. The Sisters have always been boundary and border jumpers and will continue to do just that. the successes of our international orders bear testimony to the factor we are in the equation.

MS. In Berlin during the reunification at the Brandenburg Gate, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence proclaimed the throngs who gathered looking for symbols of the newly acquired "freedom" . "runter mit allen mauren" which translates "down with all walls". On an internal plane, what wall have you NOT brought down? On an external plane, what wall would you like to see brought down in your lifetime?

SX. Internally the wall that I have brought down is doubt. I still doubt, though I have learned to doubt the doubt and push through. it's an aggravating exercise and I desire to rip that wall down once and for all. Externally I want to live long enough to see the walls of the churches demolished (along with) the walls they throw up around our souls. Christians are too fond of saying they are in the business of saving souls for the church,. If there is a soul, it is the individual's responsibility to figure out how to save it. Certainly, it's not there for the church to encase. yes, definitely, down with church wall!

MS. If you had the power, what is the one thing Sister X would want to change about the world? About herself?

SX. Man's inhumanity to man and his disrespect for Mother Earth. The impatience and doubt I spoke of earlier.

MS. What makes you cry? What makes you laugh?

SX Everything and everything.

MS. There has always been a fascination with the paodical and salacious names the sisters bear. What are your favorite Sister names?

SX. Sister Opiate of the Masses, Sister Homocycle Motorsexual, Sister Vicious Power Hungry Bitch, Sister Missionary Position, Sister Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, Sister Florence Nightmare, Sister Sensible Shoes, Sister Dana Van Niquity, Sister Who the Hell Does She Think She Is, Sister Vice and Virtue, Sister Brutally Honest, Sister Nocturnal Omissions, Sister Sadie Sadie The Rabbi Lady, Chanel 2001, Sister Sleaze Du Jour, Sister Unity-Harmony, Sister Maria Maria Gonorrhea, Sister Lily SisterWhite Superior Posterior, Sister Salvation Armay, Sister Lida Dogs Life, Sister Penis Fly Trap, Sister Lips O'Sucksome, Sister Olive O'Sudden, Sister Mary Fellation, Sister Freida Peoples, Sister Racial Racial Slur, Sister Mary Fink, Sister Jackie O'Nasty, Sister Zsa Zsa La Bore, Sister Juanita La Bufadora de Insane Francisco, Sister Teresa Stigmata, Sister Sucuba, Sister Merry Homo Sapiens, Sister Gala Eventa de Monte Carlo, Sister Merry Mary Quite Contrary, Sister Baby Jane Bitch Lips, Sister Queer As Can Be, Sister Why The Fuck, Sister Hateful Sow, Sister Afelia Rubber, Sister Loganberry Frost, Sister Rosanna Hosanna Fellebella, Sister Sophia Moremen, Sister Share and Cher Alike, Sister There's No Place Like Rome, stop me, this could go on all night! It's a parlor game.

MS. How would your Sister epitaph read?

SX. "Strange as it may seem, my life is based on a true story"

Email response to above interview post by Sr. Sparkle, 06/05/2007, World Dish Post

Sister Soami writes:

Dearest Sparkle,
What a wonderful gift. I loved Sr. X dearly and thought her just one of our finest nuns EVER. We were in Paris together for our Condom Saviour Mass there in 1991, the early days of the French Order. They regard here as their godmother. A few faeries who come to Short Mountain always tell me they were one of Sr. X's boys. She had quite a devoted following in the community. She did write her autobiography before she passed. Does a copy exist in the SF archives? She read me portions of it on one of my visits back to the Mother House. I was enthralled and impressed.

Michael Salinas who conducted the interview is also now deceased of a heart attack in NYC, I do believe. He is former news editor of B.A.R., was also one of the original Sugar Plum Faeries in Iowa with Sr. Vish. We all met thru the Gay Liberation Front at the Univ. Of Iowa. Quite a talent he was and received some mentoring in his youth from Stephen Sondheim.

Two inaccuracies to mention, Play Fair was 1982 not 1980 and Newsweek not Time featured Bobbi Campbell and his lover Bobby___ on the cover. I'm sure SF archives has a copy. I know i do but can't put my hands on it this minuit.....

Thanks again and a challenge to an SF novice to track down the Sr. X Autobiography, please! Ask Kitty . . . happy Pride to you all, soami

Email response to Soami's response above, 06/05/2007, World Dish Post

Sister Kitty writes:
Although I'm no longer the Mistress of Archives I know the autobiography (don't recall if it was finished or not) was in there. There were several copies, I believe, as well as notes, as the SPI Archives were birthed out of Sister X's collections as she was also the producer of the Sister's newsletter project around the time of the Queer Army.

It took up half a file drawer so was quickly sorted to a bottom drawer as it would be accessed far less than the active files.

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