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_The Goddess_

Abbey Bavaria of the Bliss

Abbey of Saint Joan

Abbey of St Gertrude de Nivelles

Abbey of the Dreaming Spires, Oxford Mission

Abbey of the Eternal Glow

closed 10/01/2011

Abbey of the Festival City

Abbey of the Long Cedar Canoe Society

Archabbey of the Peace of Westphalia

Berlin Order of Perpetual Indulgence

Berlin Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Big Easy Sisters

Brew City Sisters

Capital City Sisters

Cologne Abbey of SPI

Cologne Mission 1

closed 1993

Colorado Springs Missionary Order of SPI

Columbia Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

closed __/__/____

Convent Dunn Eideann OPI

Convent Moravia OPI

Convent of the Commonwealth

Couvent d'Allor

Couvent d'As

closed 01/01/2009

Couvent d'Oc

closed __/__/____

Couvent d'Ouil

closed 02/08/2004

Couvent de Chenaies

Couvent des Aubepines

closed __/__/1999

Couvent du Nord

Derby City Sisters

DFW Sisters, Abbey of the Lone Star

Dusseldorf Mission OPI

closed 11/30/2007

Edinburgh Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

closed 03/__/1998

Eureka SPI

Festival City Sisters

Fife Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Flaming Sugarbakers

Frankfurt Am Main

closed __/__/1997

Freien Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.

Gateway Sisters

German Foundation & Motherhouse Sancta Perpetua Indulgentia

German Open

Giessen Mission

closed 1997

Glasgow Mission of OPI

closed 06/17/2009

Glasgow OPI

closed __/__/2000

Gottingen Mission

closed 1993

Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Great South Land Conclave

Halle House Sancta Domenica Castrata

closed 1994

Hamburg Mission 1

closed 1993

Hamburg SPI

Heidelberg Sisters

Hoosier Hills Sisters

House of Chastity's Delight

House of Common Sluts

House of Cum Passionate Delight

Ireland OPI

Kiel Mission

closed 1994

Las Vegas SPI, Order of Sin Sity Sisters

Leipzig Mission

London Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Mad City Sisters

Magic City Sisters

Manchester SPI

Mannheim House

closed 1995

Mater Admirabilis HPI Orden de San Felip y Santiago

Mission Rendsburg

Missionary Order of Perpetual Indulgence


closed __/__/1997

Music City Sisters

New York Sisters

Nuns of the Above

Oldenburg SPI

OPI Adelaide

OPI Canberra

closed __/__/____

OPI Eremitage Missionshaus zu Mannheim

closed 08/01/2008

OPI Fremantle

closed 06/12/2006

OPI Perth

OPI Sydney

OPI Victoria

OPI Vienna

OPI Warburton, Missionary Convent of the Graceful Galah

Order of Saint Divine, SPI

closed 03/__/1993

Order of the Candle Burnt at Both Ends

Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Paname Couvent des Soeurs

Paris Soeurs de Perpetuelle Indulgence

Portland SPI, Order of Benevolent Bliss

Pucelles Mission

Rising Sun Sisters

River City Sisters

closed 12/19/2012

Rock n Roll City Sisters

Rostock Mission

Russian River Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


closed __/__/1997

Sacred Heartland Sisters

San Antonio Sisters

San Diego SPI, Asylum of the Tortured Heart

San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Seattle Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

closed __/__/1996

Sisterhood of Our Lady Queen of the Trails

Sisters of Erotic Affirmation, Order of SPI

closed __/__/1996

Sisters of Incessant Revelation

Sisters of the Yellow Rose

closed 09/29/2010

Smokin Cardinal Sisters

Stuttgart Mission

Sussex Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Swiss Order of Perpetual Indulgence

Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Temple of Nordic Joy

Toronto House

closed 10/01/1986

Toronto Sisters

closed 11/01/2014

Toronto Sisters of JOY


closed __/__/1997

Ukraine Sisters

Violettes Mission

Weird City Sisters

Windy City Sisters

Zion Curtain Sisters

Total World Orders, Houses, Convents and Missions:115
(84 open, 31 closed)

Database Information and Structure

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Inactive Grand-DaughterGrand Daughter

About the program:
The SPI Geneology Tree database was created with an open source utility known as Lifelines. It uses an industry standard GEDCOM format to store data, and has a report generation system that allows users to build custom reports. I have adapted this system for use with the unique structure of the various orders of Sisters and programmed a custom report generation program that produces the HTML code you are viewing.

Adapted GEDCOM Data Structure:

    All dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format.
0 INDI 1 MTHR Additional Mothers 2 NAME 1 AUNT Auntie for San Diego 2 NAME 1 TITL Titles of individual 2 NAME 1 AKAS Other Names used 2 NAME 1 WEBB http:// web address 2 LINK URL hyperlink 1 ASPI Date of Aspirancy 2 DATE 1 POST Date of Postulancy 2 DATE 2 BSIS Name of Big Sister 2 BBRO Name of Big Brother 2 SPON Name of Sponsor 2 MENT Name of Mentor 1 NOVI Date of Novice 2 DATE 2 BSIS Name of Big Sister 2 BBRO Name of Big Brother 2 SPON Name of Sponsor 2 MENT Name of a Mentor 1 FULL Date Fully Professed 2 DATE 1 SILV Date Silver Veiled 2 DATE 1 SABB Date went on Sabbatical 2 DATE 1 ACTI Date Re-activated 2 DATE 1 RETI Date Retired 2 DATE 1 XCOM Date Excommunicated 2 DATE 1 REMO Date Removed 2 DATE 1 RESI Date Resigned 2 DATE 1 MISS Date of Missionary Status 2 DATE 1 SAIN Date Sainted 2 DATE 1 GUAR Date became a Guard 2 DATE 1 GPUP Date became a Pup Guard 2 DATE 1 NGUA Date became a Novice Guard 2 DATE 1 SARG Date became a Sargent 2 DATE 1 CAPT Date became a Captain 2 DATE 1 CADE Date became a Cadet 2 DATE 1 NCAD Date became a Novice Cadet 2 DATE 1 PALA Date became a Paladin 2 DATE 1 FTHR Date became a Father 2 DATE 1 SEMI Date became a Seminariste (FR) 2 DATE 1 EMER Date granted Emeritus Status 2 DATE 1 ELFO Date elevated to Founder Status 2 DATE 1 FOUN Designates this entry as a Order/Mission/House 2 ADVI Name of Advisor 2 MENT Name of Mentor 2 MISS Berlin: Mission 3 DATE Date of Mission, Priory, Abbey 3 ADVI Missionary, Prioress, or Abbess 2 PRIO Berlin: Priory 2 ABBY Berlin: Abbey 2 EXEC Exequator granted-Official House 3 DATE Date Mission received Exequatur 2 1GAT First Gathering 3 NAME Name of the event, or location 3 DATE Date of the First Gathering 3 PLAC City, State Location 2 1MEE First Meeting 3 NAME Name of the event, or location 3 DATE Date of the First Meeting 3 PLAC City, State Location 2 1MAN First Manifestation 3 NAME Name of the event, or location 3 DATE Date of the First Manifestation 3 PLAC City, State Location 2 REMS Requested Mission Status 3 DATE Date of Request 2 GRMS Granted Mission Status 3 DATE Date of Acknowledgement 2 REVO Mission Status Revoked 3 DATE Date of Acknowledgement 2 501C Date 501(c)(3) granted by State 3 DATE Date of Acknowledgement 1 SPLT Order Split date and new name 2 DATE 2 NAME 1 TRNF Transfer of individual 2 DATE 2 FROM Name of house or sponsor 2 TOOO 1 MERG Opposite of a split - Merge 2 DATE Date of Merge 2 WITH House this order merged with 1 EVEN Events 2 TYPE Type of event 2 DATE Date of the Event 2 PLAC Place where the event happened 2 NOTE New Pargraph, then comment line 3 CONT Line break, then continue comment 3 CONC concatenate comment line
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