_The Goddess_
Founded: __/__/____, Earth

San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Founded: 04/15/1979, San Francisco, CA

German Foundation & Motherhouse Sancta Perpetua Indulgentia
Founded: 09/21/1991, Heidelberg, Germany
Advisor: Johanna Indulgentia Tara Maria Benedicta
AKA: 09/21/1991 - 02/1995: Sancta Magnesia Avuncula
This house split on 02/__/1995 creating Mannheim House
AKA: 02/1995 - 1997: Sanctii Sergius et Bacchus
AKA: 1997 - 2003: Sancta Melitta Iuvenis

Sisters of Erotic Affirmation, Order of SPI
Founded: 09/09/1981, Denver, CO
Advisor: Lilith
closed on __/__/1996
This house split on __/__/1991 creating Order of Saint Divine, SPI

Order of the Candle Burnt at Both Ends
Founded: __/__/1986, Berkeley, CA

Great South Land Conclave
Founded: __/__/____, Australia Motherhouse
AKA: Church of the Recalcitrant Possum

London Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Founded: __/__/____, London, England

Mater Admirabilis HPI Orden de San Felip y Santiago
Founded: 09/28/2000, Montevideo, Uruguay, South America

Tampa Bay Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Founded: 06/__/2004, Tampa Bay, FL
Advisor: Penny Lane

Edinburgh Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Founded: early 1980's, Edinburgh, Scotland
closed on 03/__/1998
This house split on __/__/1998 creating Convent Dunn Eideann OPI
This house split on __/__/1998 creating Fife Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
AKA: Temple Ampallang

Convent Moravia OPI
Founded: __/__/1998, Moray, Scotland

Glasgow OPI
Founded: __/__/____, Glasgow, Scotland
closed on __/__/2000

Columbia Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Founded: 01/06/1995, Columbia
closed on __/__/____
Active: __/__/____

New York Sisters
Founded: 12/10/1989, New York City, NY
First Manifestation: Stop the Church, 12/10/1989 St. Patrick's Cathedral

Freien Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz e.V.
Founded: __/__/____, Deutsches Mutterhaus Sankt Olaf zu Berlin

Nuns of the Above
Eternally embraced, never forgotten, and always watching over us.
Founded: __/__/1979

Abbey of St Gertrude de Nivelles
Founded: __/__/____, Orlando, FL
501(c)(3) Granted: 02/14/2010
Exequatur: 01/17/2011

Flaming Sugarbakers
Order of the Flaming Sugarbaker Sisters
Founded: 10/06/2009, Atlanta, GA
Advisor: Right Sarong
Advisor: Erotica Psychotica
First Meeting: 10/06/2009
First Manifestation: 10/30/2009 Atlanta Pride
Requested Mission Status: 01/03/2010
Granted Mission Status: 01/18/2010
Exequatur: 01/17/2011

Sisters of the Yellow Rose
Founded: 02/21/2010, Dallas, TX
First Manifestation: 04/04/2010
Requested Mission Status: 06/01/2010
Granted Mission Status: 06/28/2010
Mission Status Revoked: 09/29/2010
closed on 09/29/2010

DFW Sisters, Abbey of the Lone Star
Founded: 09/29/2010, Dallas/Ft Worth, TX
Requested Mission Status: 01/03/2011
Granted Mission Status: 01/17/2011
Exequatur: 10/17/2011

Toronto House
Founded: 06/28/1981, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
First Manifestation: 06/28/1981 Toronta, CanadaPride event,
closed on 10/01/1986
Compiled by Sister Titania