San Diego SPI, Asylum of the Tortured Heart
Founded: 06/08/2005, San Diego, CA
Advisor: Candy Cide
Advisor: Tragedy Ann
Advisor: Unity Divine
First Gathering: The Last Supper, 04/24/2005 San Diego, CA
First Meeting: The Decade, 05/07/2005 San Diego, CA
First Manifestation: Long Beach Pride, 05/22/2005 Long Beach, CA
Requested Mission Status: 06/04/2005
Granted Mission Status: 06/08/2005
First Manifestation: The Blessed Eleven, 06/25/2007 San Diego, CA

Kali Vagilistic X.P. Aladocious
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

of the Holy Circle of Aradia & Bodacious Tatas
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Amanda Reckinwith
The Scarlet Harlot
Novi: 06/25/2005
AKA: Amanda Reckinwith of the Sparkling Scarlet Rouge
FP: 8/12/2006

Pollyanal Buttercup
of the Dionysian Orgy
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Milk-A-Lot-A Cummings
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Skagnolia Thunderpussy
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Epiphany Marie Laveau
The Nun of No Opinion
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Mary Drama Penelope Overhim
Servant Sr of the Holy Chamber Pot
Novi: 06/25/2005
AKA: Mary Drama Wanna Cummsalot
FP: 8/12/2006

Samoa CrackaToa
The Tropical Experience
Novi: 06/25/2005
AKA: Bootie Licious (until Oct 2005)
FP: 8/12/2006
Emeritus: __/__/____
Transferred on: 11/01/2010 to

Lita Stogie
of the Moaning Sisal
Novi: 06/25/2005
FP: 8/12/2006

Transgender Bend-Her
Novi: 06/25/2005
Sabb: 10/03/2005

Iadora Cox
Novi: 06/25/2005
Sabb: __/__/2005
Transferred on: __/__/2006 to Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Ghana Maria
of the Dripping Desire of The House that Syphilis Built
Transferred on: 08/13/2006 from Portland SPI, Order of Benevolent Bliss
FP: 08/13/2006

Guards Asylum of the Tortured Heart

Iona Dubble-Wyde
Post: 04/23/2006
Novi: 10/15/2006
FP: 04/22/2007
Sabb: 06/12/2009
Active: 08/25/2009
Xcom: 08/23/2011

Maya Kulpa
Post: 04/26/2011
Big Sis: Indica
Big Sis: Kali Vagilistic X.P. Aladocious
AKA: Rhea Dempshun
AKA: Juno Nita Rhea Dempshun
Novi: 10/26/2011
FP: 07/21/2012
AKA: Renee Zonce

Evelyn Tensions
Post: 11/19/2006
Auntie:Lita Stogie,Samoa CrackaToa,
AKA: Postulant Esther Sundae
Novi: 05/19/2007
Sponsor: Ghana Maria
FP: 11/18/2007

Bianca Tempt
Post: 06/23/2009
Big Sis: Nora Torious 13
Novi: 01/27/2010
FP: 06/22/2010

Bertha B!tch
Post: 01/27/2010
Big Sis: Amanda Reckinwith
Big Sis: Hecate
Transferred on: __/__/2011 to Hoosier Hills Sisters

Nora Torious 13
Transferred on: 04/23/2006 from Peter Beater
Post: 04/23/2006
AKA: Postulant Dementia
Novi: 08/23/2006
FP: 02/18/2007

Freeda Sol
Guard: 11/15/2006
Novi: 03/18/2007
Auntie:Lita Stogie,
FP: 11/18/2007

Bessie Mae Moo-cho
Post: 04/16/2009
Big Sis: Trystina T Rhume
Big Sis: Dixie Rupt
Novi: __/__/____
Transferred on: 08/25/2009 from Portland SPI, Order of Benevolent Bliss

Shirley Knott
Post: 03/18/2006
AKA: Donna Matrix
Novi: 11/19/2007

Clemmidia Burns
of the Eternal Ring of Fire
Post: 06/17/2006
AKA: Tess Teeze of the Ostentascious Order of Orchids
Novi: 10/17/2006
FP: 04/15/2007
Auntie:Skagnolia Thunderpussy,
Sabb: 12/19/2009

Harley Giggles
the Gushing Nun
Transferred on: 04/23/2006 from GarDouche Das GearStrokr
Post: 04/23/2006
Novi: 05/18/2006

Anna Wanda Mei
Post: 08/25/2009
AKA: Postulant Anna Biotic Our Lady of the Healing Hands
AKA: Wanda Pissanya
AKA: Mei Ling Address
Novi: 02/25/2010
FP: 04/26/2011
Transferred on: 09/13/2011 to San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

DonnaMae Trix
Post: 03/18/2007
Transferred on: 06/17/2007 to Iona Dubble-Wyde

Ida Know
Post: 03/26/2008
Sponsor: Pollyanal Buttercup
Novi: 10/22/2008

GarDouche Das GearStrokr
Capt: 06/25/2005
Transferred on: 04/23/2006 to Harley Giggles

Jacques Strappe

Peter Beater
Transferred on: 04/23/2006 to Nora Torious 13


Guard: 04/23/2006
AKA: Wanker Spanker
Emeritus: 12/19/2009

Rusty Kooter
Post: __/__/____
Novi: 12/28/2010

DonnaMae Trix
Post: 03/18/2007
Transferred on: 06/17/2007 from Lita Stogie

Livia Life
Post: 11/23/2010
Big Sis: Nora Torious 13
Big Sis: Hecate
Novi: 05/25/2011
Transferred on: __/__/2011 to SDKali>

Gaia Love
Post: __/__/____
Novi: 08/30/2012

Post: 03/25/2009
Novi: 09/22/2009
FP: 03/23/2010
Transferred on: 04/17/2012 to Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
AKA: Indica Sativa of the Holy Hybrid
AKA: Shelby Hellbound the Nun Infernal, Disciple of the Unholy Trinity: Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll

Pixie Dust
Post: 06/19/2007
Novi: 09/16/2007
FP: __/__/____
Missionary: 09/22/2009

Ashley Wednesday
Post: 11/19/2006
Sponsor: Skagnolia Thunderpussy
Sponsor: Milk-A-Lot-A Cummings
Novi: 05/19/2007
FP: 11/18/2007

Atta Van Haldol
Post: 07/27/2010
Big Sis: Hecate
Big Sis: Iona Dubble-Wyde
Novi: 01/23/2011
FP: __/__/____
Transferred on: 12/13/2011 to San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Anna Ballin'
Post: 04/26/2011
Big Sis: Ida Know
Big Sis: Bianca Tempt

Whip Hir Snapper
Asp: __/__/____
Guard: 06/19/2007
Other Mothers:Nora Torious 13,
Capt: __/__/____
Missionary: 09/22/2009

Guard: 09/16/2007

Other Mothers:Nora Torious 13,
AKA: Cody
Reti: 03/26/2008

Dean De La Rues
Asp: 01/__/2011
Post: 04/__/2011
Novi: 10/01/2011
Guard: 03/27/2012

Javina Hautflache
Post: 01/26/2011
Sponsor: Indica
Sponsor: Kali Vagilistic X.P. Aladocious

Raven Lunatic
Post: __/__/____
Novi: 09/22/2009
FP: 09/28/2010

Bea Fore Warned
Post: 10/22/2008
Novi: 06/23/2009

Sheila Cutabitch
Post: 01/23/2011
Sponsor: Raven Lunatic
Compiled by Sister Titania