House of Common Sluts
Founded: 09/02/2007, London, England
Advisor: Matic deBauchery
First Gathering: Nuncheon, 09/04/2007 Comptons Bar, Soho

Matic deBauchery
Post: __/__/____
Novi: __/__/____
FP: __/__/____
Transferred on: 09/02/2007 from Manchester SPI
Transferred on: __/__/____ to Matic deBauchery

Angel Popstitute
Madonna of the Male Gang Bang
FP: 07/06/2000
AKA: Angel Madone de l'ABBA Tajh Maale
Transferred on: 09/02/2007 from Couvent d'Ouil

because Iím worth it, Shepherdess of France
FP: 07/06/2000
AKA: Sissi car je le vaux bien, Bergere de France
Transferred on: 09/02/2007 from Couvent d'Ouil
Reti: 06/23/2010

Du Nord
Post: 04/__/2008

Post: 04/__/2008

of the Holy Immodium
Asp: 08/19/2007
Post: 09/02/2007
Novi: 04/26/2008
FP: 12/08/2008
AKA: Dire Morphina of the Intro-Venus

Cuminja Wrasse
Virgin of the non stick orgasm, STI free and suitable for all knob types
Post: __/__/____
Novi: 07/04/2009
FP: 02/19/2010

Bear Ly Respectable
Cleaner of the Kitchen, Duchess of Douches
Asp: 12/15/2008
Post: __/__/____
AKA: Barbara Gingembre-De Beau Chery
Novi: 09/28/2009
Reti: 06/19/2010

Virginia Diva
Post: 03/__/2010
Novi: 12/01/2010

Vggie von Tenth
Post: 03/__/2010

Fanny Zitchin
Post: 03/__/2010

Ophelia Minge
Madonna of the Mystic Orgasm
Post: 07/03/2010
Novi: 04/29/2011
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